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Defending Palestinian rights by Sir Muhammad Zafarulla Khan

Held in the General Assembly Hall at FlushingMeadow, New York, on Friday, 28 November1947, at 11 a.m. President: Mr. O. ARANHA (Brazil) 125. Continuation of the discussion on the Palestinian question… Read more »

Not Much Of An Eid Celebration This Year

Celebrations do not carry the same zing of cheerfulness and festivities of days gone past By Tariq A. Al Maeena Eid Al Fitr came upon us a couple of days… Read more »

Church membership across the U.S. drops below 50% for the first time in eight decades, polls finds

This article was first Published on 29 March 2021 at – : https://bit.ly/2Pj26Pd By EMILY CRANE Membership at a church, synagogue or mosque across the United States reached an all-time… Read more »