Hazrat Aisha Was 19 And Not 6

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The Quran is a book of guidance to create cohesive societies where God’s creation, all of humanity, lives securely regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, culture, or other uniqueness. God did not deliver the Quran to a group called Muslims; it was for the Aalameen, the entire universe, and its elements to live in harmony (Quran 55:8-11).  

Those who follow the Quran are responsible for mitigating conflicts and nurturing goodwill to restore harmony. God created everything in peace and harmony and expected us to maintain it. The word is Islah-al-Alam and Insha’Allah, I  will be writing an article on the phrase. 

The Quran calls Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) the Rahmatul Aalameen, “And we have not sent you (O Muhammad) but as a mercy for all of humankind, jinn, and all that exists” (Quran 21:107). 

However, the Hadiths have painted a different picture. Undoubtedly, in much of its corpus Prophet is presented as a Mercy to humankind. Still, a few hadiths are poisonous and written with triumphant attitudes and not being truthful. 

Quote from the article cited below written by Faizur Rahman, “One Islamic preacher Abu Ammar Yasir Qadhi, has the temerity to write in his book, An Introduction to the Sciences of the Quran, that the Sunnah of the prophet can abrogate the Quran.” Zakir Naik has the guts to say that Hazarat Aisha was 6, and so did a Saudi Preacher.  

The Nupur Sharma incident should wake us up. We are responsible for cleaning our Hadith books, and some of the Sahih Hadiths are not Sahih at all. 

The origins of Islamophobia are traceable to the fear-mongering Hadiths, Seerah, and the wrong translations of a few verses in the Quran. When you hear the Islamophobes misquote Islam, we get outraged, but our ire should be directed at those Hadiths and not the so-called Islamophobes. They are merely quoting what is in the books. 

Please check out the following article written a few years ago. 

Thanks to Faizur Rahman for presenting an article citing the Quran and placing the age of Hazrat Aisha to be 19. Hindustan Times has published the article. I hope our seminaries in Deoband and Bareilly note this and make the necessary corrections in what they teach there.  Muslims have a choice to believe in the supremacy of Hadith or the Quran. The Muslims who do not swallow the dished-out versions of the Prophet’s saying will question them and purge everything that goes against the Quran and does not present the Prophet as a Mercy to humankind (yes, all humanity). 


“If it is not common sense, it is not Islam.”

Mike Ghouse, 

World Muslim Congress

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