My Last Visit to the Obama White House

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Thursday, January 5, 2016, about 40 Muslims attended the last meeting with the Obama administration folks. It was the last day for the White House staff and the officers from the Public Engagement Office. The transition team joined as well. It was a full two hour meeting called at the last minute.

It was a joy to hear each one of them. Their language and the actions they have taken were all inclusive; they were talking about all Americans. It was sad to see them all go. No one from the Obama team is staying behind of course; that is our tradition. I salute each one of them to be part of this meeting and demonstrate the right path for Muslim integration.

The most important outcomes of the meeting were the pro-active concepts to “get involved” and “build coalitions”. It is similar to wanting to have a chance of winning the jackpot, but first you have to buy the lottery ticket. The crucial call was to stand with each other. Everyone is apprehensive at this moment – so let’s get the hell out of our silos and meet other people! We are all Americans – and if time permits, I will put together a full report on this.

In some ways, I am glad my term with the American Muslim Institution is ending on 1/31/16; for this allows me to resume my lifelong work on Pluralism with full passion.

My goodbye note to the American Muslim Institution: Article:

Welcome to the Center for Pluralism

Please take a look at the effective things we will be doing and have done over the past 20 years. We believe 2017 will be billed as the year of “Great American Integration” and we will be a big part of it. Center for Pluralism is not a Muslim Organization, it is an Organization for all Americans as you read through it, you will find out. If this resonates with you, please consider being a contributor to the Great American Integration movement. The homepage of the website has links to everything we do.

Islam is one of the segments of the Center for Pluralism

We will call on our Imams to promote Sunnah of the Prophet to be the “Amins of America” and to encourage their congregants to do more in caring for neighbor. This is Allah’s guidance and # 1 priority for Muslims today. It is time to review the beautiful Islamic values for creating a better world for the Aalameen – whole humanity.

Our Imams and Scholars are the catalysts for reshaping Muslim relationships with fellow Americans, and guide us forward with the great American national integration, where each one of the 322 Million Americans have the similar interest; harmony, cohesiveness and safety of Americans.

In the past, we have asked the Imams and they have done it, whether we ask them to pray for release of the Yazidi women or persecuted Christians or Shia, or call on them to urge Muslims to honor our Veterans on Veterans day, and join us on commemorating Holocaust and Genocides, they have done it all. The world needs to know this. Between us and the Imams, we will stretch ourselves to our limits, but will unequivocally stick together and remain within the Pluralistic traditions of Islam.

The “American Amin Award”. This recognition is awarded to Muslims who follow the foundational values of Islam: Amin, as Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was called, i.e., an Individual who reaches out to every human regardless of his or her religion, race, region or other uniqueness for the common good of humanity. Alhamdu Lillah, we have recognized the best individual in America to qualify to receive the award. This is a good beginning – the start of a wonderful tradition. Details:

Birth Celebrations of Prophet Muhammad (Festivals of the World) – 1/21/17 Those Muslims who may have called it a “bidda” in the past will like and appreciate this event. This is not a “run of the mill” program. Unlike the traditional devotional Mawlid, it is a unique intra-faith and interfaith program for it highlights the Peace Maker Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) work that contributes to creating a better world for all of humanity. It is an intra-faith and interfaith program, not a big program but a good start. No doubt, you have not attended anything like this. Details:

RELIGIOUS AND CULTURAL MUSLIMS WILL BE AFFECTED Whether we are religious Muslims or cultural Muslims, none of us, nor will our children be spared should the Muslim registration process begin. Even if our children change their names, they are still children of cultural or religious Muslims required to be registered and watched. It may even affect their future employment as well.

We can do nothing and live like 2nd class citizens or we can take bold steps to change the equation! We should have the courage to do the right thing – i.e. to get involved in building coalitions with our fellow Americans… not to be against anyone but for the good of everyone! At the “Center for Pluralism”, we are organizing events to facilitate such coalition building and invite you to attend the following events:

Reflections on Holocaust and Genocides – Sunday, January 29, 2017. We have to acknowledge, learn and reflect upon the terrible things we have inflicted upon each other; then, commit ourselves to resist the temptation to be prejudiced and stop stereotyping others. The truth is that we cannot demand peace unless we are peaceful ourselves. Information at VIDEO:

Essence of Christianity – Tuesday, January 31, 2017 Learn the wisdom of each one of the 13 religions in 13 workshops in 13 months. Knowledge leads to understanding and understanding to acceptance of the otherness of others. This is a monthly series of workshops. – 13 religions, 13 months and 13 workshops –


If these videos resonate with you, you belong to “The Center for Pluralism”. Our focus is going mainstream. We are all in this together and we will boldly change the narrative together.

Do American Muslims want Sharia? We owe it to fellow Americans to clarify the myths about Sharia, and propose fixing this problem through a conference that is being planned with Islamic scholars and also with attackers of Sharia to make the event more credible. Let’s “clear the air” of misunderstandings for all Americans.

Does Quran Promote Violence?

If you are a “doubting Tom” about Quran, this seminar is for you. Also, many Muslims seem to be faith deficient; Quran does not promote violence. It is a book of guidance for the whole of humanity to build orderly societies. Shamefully, a few Muslims have deliberately misinterpreted 60 verses to make Allah un-friendly towards Jews and Christians. Once I challenged a major pastor in Dallas that if he finds three faults with the Quran in a public discussion, I will join his ministry. – He backed off!

A few “credible” Muslims actually chewed me out. They asked, “What if he finds three faults?” That was the faith they have in the Quran, and there are many more like them. It is time to get rid of this way of thinking. The Quran is about building cohesive societies and not exclusive societies. The Quran is not about governing other people but living in harmony with all of God’s creation. More at which is an important Program coming soon to Washington DC.

Media Conference

Muslims love to blame the media because that is the easiest thing to do. Though it is difficult, the right thing to do is to engage with them. We are planning on inviting the media people from the right and the left to dissect news reporting about Islam in America so a major public event is being planned.


Links to all the events are on the home page

  • Thanksgiving Celebrations & Awards Night – 19th Annual event Celebrating cultural pluralism
  • Unity Day USA – 13th Annual Event – bringing Americans Together to rededicate our pledge to the safety and security of America
  • Reflections on Holocaust and Genocides – 12th years where we come together to be with each other in their most difficult time.
  • Workshop on Understanding religions – all Religions – 3rd series – Learn about each faith from its practitioners and not the greedy guys who misrepresent others.
  • Celebrating Festivals of Faiths – America is God’s own country – with so many faiths, cultures, traditions, ethnicities, language and other uniqueness. It is an annual Event
  • Sharia – do Muslims want Sharia in America? 3rd time event. Listed above
  • Quran – does it promote violence? – 2nd time event. Listed above
  • Phobias – Programs to be launched on Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Hinduphobia, Misogyny, Homophobia, Xenophobia and other phobias
  • Opinion Makers– Several media events are planned. We will be doing video interviews with the policy makers, media personnel and movers and shakers to bring them on the same page – how do we build a cohesive America, where no American has to live in apprehension or fear of the other.
  • Standing up for others – if you don’t stand up for others, why should anyone stand up for you? Chronicles of standing up for Atheists, Bahá’í, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jains, Jewish, Muslim, Native Americans, Pagans, Sikhs, Wicca, Zoroastrian and others like the LGBT community and immigrants.

We are all about Education, Action & Leadership – The CFP is committed to building a cohesive America where no one American has to live in apprehension or fear of the other. Coming soon: Mike Ghouse Talk Show. All our activities are geared to mitigating conflicts & nurturing goodwill.

You can help! All supporters will be listed on our website, we seek your support to get this going on a full scale to restore America.



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