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I get attacked frequently for my stance on Human rights and religious freedom issues, particularly from the Indian Americans. Three weeks ago, a guy was banned from the IRF round table for attacking me, and thanks for the massive support from fellow Americans on that issue. Today, one Purnima was listening; and she is from Chicago, and she is full of hate for Muslims and Christians, and at least ten among her group of 60 are full of hate and violent people. By the way, I stand for the rights of every human with no exceptions.

The following outline is from my short talk at the International Religious Freedom Round Table today.
First of all, I thank the Biden Administration and the CEO’s of major corporations for working on a rescue plan for India. The situation is dreadful, and people are dying for a lack of oxygen. The funerals and burial grounds are total – they are cremating the bodies on the roadside.

This issue is very personal to me. My Grandmother told us much of our family was wiped out in the 1918 Heza (Spanish Flu). She said as they would take someone to bury and return from the cemetery, another body was ready to be taken.

Her story was merely a story to me, but now it has become a reality when I see what is happening in India.

May God save Indians and the people around the world from this pandemic.
Now the Good News

The United States once again is coming to rescue India from egregious violations of religious freedoms.

Thanks to the USCIRF for designating India as the country of particular concern. The designation is a huge favor, as it would avert a possible civil war and keep India as our reliable Ally.

The designation is not against India, but it is against the mismanagement of civil society by Modi Government.

It is a clarion call to get his act together and restore freedoms and provide security to nearly 400 Million minorities from Christian, Muslim, Dalit, Sikh, and intellectuals of India.

The designation is good for India as it paves the way for restoring religious freedoms to the People of India.

I will be sharing an Op-Ed piece by the title, “Why India is designated as the Country of Particular Concern, and what are the consequences.

Thank you.
Mike Ghouse

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