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Please don’t ignore the action items listed below.

International Religious Freedom Roundtable, we meet every Tuesday from 11-12 and cover issues from Chile to China, Russia to South Africa. It is about Religious freedom and human rights.

About 150 people attend, and you can speak for 3 minutes or 1 minute, but you have to book in advance. You have to have a tone of solutions and not an accusatory tone.

It is a very successful organization, and I am glad to see about 7 Muslim participants today.

The group has been around for ten years, and among the Desis, John Prabhudoss and I have been there for the last six years, and the group always gives me the time to speak on issues.

I was the first to speak out against Kashmir Lockdown, CAA, Sri Lanka (along with Soraya), the Lynching of Muslims, Dalits, and various issues. Today, very briefly, I spoke about the attack on the sanctity of a religious place – that is holy to Muslims, the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Ajit Sahi from IAMC said about the violations against Muslims in India; Soraya spoke about the Bhikunis (women Buddist Monks) and their inability to get the ID Cards. This is what we have to do, to stand up for the right of others.

I am sorely disappointed with the Department of State for highlighting the Hamas rockets and not talk about what caused it? The solution is for our kids to take positions at the State Department and the White House.


Let the following be an action item, find youth from your family and friends and have them apply to be White House fellow.

Join the IRF meetings and speak as a Muslim. About 7 of us were present today, including Dr. Khan.

Please let me know if I can be of service to you

Mike Ghouse

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