3rd Update On AL-QUDS 5/11/21

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I’m reading arguments between two Rabbis in Israel who are a part of the Israel Palestine confederation. I am one of the board members.

One is arguing for peace, and the other wants to build the 3rd temple next to the mosque. The Rabbi has given the dimensions of the trapezium land about 36 acres. I was there several years ago, and I recognize the size. I will share that in a few days, including their entire conversation after getting their permission.

One is saying Muslims had that land for more than 1300 years, whereas the Jews had far less time owning that land. It is a new argument, I have heard.

I have asked my other group JIDS – Jewish Islamic Dialogue Society, to have a zoom Conversation about it. We are planning to have the IPC dialogue as well.

The land of the al-Aqsa Mosque and Dome of the rock is not negotiable. There is plenty of room to build the 3rd temple in the wailing wall area created by erasing Palestinian homes in 1967.

Insha’Allah, I’ll update; we need to get the IRISH MP to speak to Tony Blinken and Joe Biden. Blinken’s stance is one-sided and does not make any sense. He needs to be a better diplomat and find solutions.

The Israelis can wait for the Messiah to come and build the 3rd temple.

Security for Israel will not come unless Palestinians have justice. The Palestinians have suffered every human right, including humiliation. It is time to get them their rights. The Center for pluralism will do its share of the work as others do theirs. Together, let’s make an effort.

It’s sad what’s happening there and Muslim minorities elsewhere in India, China, Burma, Sri Lanka, and other places. I will not be saying Eid Mubarak, as I don’t feel like wishing happy Eid.

Once again, I appeal to my Muslim friends not to miss the opportunity to take two actions:


Please take the time to find youth from your family and friends and have them apply to be White House fellows. If we want the change, we have to make an effort. https://www.whitehouse.gov/get-involved/fellows/

Join the IRF meetings and speak as a Muslim. About 7 of us were present today.

Please let me know if I can be of service to you [email protected].

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Thanks to our members at Muslim Politics for sharing the links.

Mike Ghouse

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