Jerusalem Post on Al-Aqsa Mosque

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The following statement in Jerusalem post mocks journalism, “Yet on the other side, we have entire generations raised on glorifying violence against Jews.”

The same is true about Jewish children raised to hate the Palestinians. There is plenty of information to support it.

Here is my own experience. We took the bus tour of Jerusalem, and as the bus started moving, the conductor begins talking; her very first words were, “Islam has six pillars.” She continues to describe Jihad, which means killing Jews and Christians.” she added a few more falsities. I stopped her and asked the passengers if I could explain Islam, as I am a Muslim. The crowd chanted in unison; please do. The conductor gave me the mic, and I corrected it. She said she was merely saying what the Department of Tourism gave her. When the tour concluded, we gave her a printed copy of the five pillars of Islam to pass it on to the department.

Such a shame that the government is uploading poison into the heart of the tourists.

Most Israelis and Palestinians are moderate people who want to get along and prefer peace over conflict but are afraid to speak up. The leaders on both sides are violent people. Violence never works. The security of Israelis hinges on justice to the Palestinians. I’m not sure if Israeli leadership represents the wishes of Israelis. The general public cannot be wrong; the villains are the leaders.

I’m concerned about the future of Israel and my motherland India. What kind of societies would the Palestinians and Israelis be? Would they be normal human beings or people seething with hate, and anger, and a generation of uncivilized people?

Biden needs to do what Carter did, lock them up in a room until they accomplish peace. American leadership gets equal blame for aggravating the conflict. We have to recognize Hamas as the duly elected leaders and deal with it. We need to bring more people into the civilized fold.

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Mike Ghouse

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