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A French Teacher Showing A Cartoon Of The Prophet Was Beheaded, Making Headlines Worldwide

Published in THE MUSLIM OBSERVER 28 OCT 2020 http://muslimobserver.com/french-teacher-showing-cartoon-prophet-beheaded-making-headlines-worldwide/ by M. Basheer Ahmed M.D A young Chechen immigrant Abdullah Anzorov beheaded Samuel Paty, a schoolteacher in France.While teaching a class… Read more »


This article was first Published on 26 jul 2020 at – : https://www.dawn.com/news/1571126/non-fiction-the-decline-of-muslims Since 9/11, issues of violence, authoritarianism and underdevelopment in the Muslim world have attracted much attention in… Read more »

Outrage over Macron’s Islamophobic remarks mounts in Muslim world

This article was first Published on OCT 25, 2020 at – : https://www.dailysabah.com/politics/diplomacy/outrage-over-macrons-islamophobic-remarks-mounts-in-muslim-world The reaction in the Muslim world continues to escalate against French President Emmanuel Macron’s anti-Muslim remarks as… Read more »

In an Agartala slum, Hindus and Muslims come together to celebrate Durga Puja, brotherhood

This year, the Mollapara Durga Puja committee has cancelled cultural programmes, and is instead organising food distribution drives in their neighbourhood. Setting an example of unity and brotherhood, Hindus and… Read more »