Shab -E- Baraat – A Muslim Festival

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Shab-e-baraat is celebrated on the 15th of Shaban, the 8TH month of the Muslim calendar.  Shab e Barat night or the Night of forgiveness is a significant Islamic festival. On the night, Muslims worldwide seek forgiveness and repent for their sins from the all-merciful God. They also forgive the shortcomings of fellow humans. Additionally, the night can be used to seek mercy for the deceased and ill family members. It is believed that God decides the fortune and the future of every creature of the earth on this night. Muslims across the world celebrate the night differently depending upon cultural diversity and local traditions.

Shab e Barat Meaning

The literal meaning of Shab e Barat can be translated to the night of Atonement. It has numerous names as per the different cultures worldwide, such as Cheragh e Barat, Barat Night, Berat Kandili, or Nisfu Syaaban. Due to the virtues of the night, it is one of the holiest nights in Islam. People use the night to atone for the sins of their ancestors and ask the creator God to rest them in peace.

Shab e Barat History

On the 15th of Shaban, Muhammad al Mahdi, the 12th Imam of Shia Muslims was born. From that day on, the Shia community celebrates the day as his birthday. In contrast, the Sunni Muslims believe that on the 15th Shaban, Allah saved the arch of Noah from the life-threatening flood.  “In it, the record is made of every human being who will be born, and of every human being who will pass away this year. In it, their deeds are taken up to heaven and in their provisions are sent down.”

May this Shab-e-baraat free you from the guilts, sins, and our shortcomings through seeking forgiveness and repentance, and forgiving others shortcomings.

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