Burqa Judgement

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The Karnataka High Court has passed the verdict. “Hijab not an essential part of Islam” Three judges gave the judgment.

It is a sad day for Muslim girls accustomed to Burqa; it is not comfortable for them to go without it. It is like “telling” Hindu women not to put the pallu on their heads or wear the bindi on their foreheads. 

A woman has a right to wear what pleases her, as long as it is not anyone’s loss. No one should have the right to dictate what a woman wears. As I had written earlier, the girls made a huge mistake; they would have won the case if they claimed Burqa was their cultural practice. 

As Muslims, we differ on the issue of Burqa; many among us see this form of Burqa as cultural development and not a religious one. Religion only requires covering the bosoms, which most women from different faiths wear.  

I am pro-choice; let the woman decide what she wears. No one should compel her to wear a Burqa or mini-skirt or a bindi. 

Muslims are law-abiding citizens, they have accepted even bad decisions without protests, like the hand over the land to build the Ram Temple and so many other judgments. We hope the students accept the court’s verdict wholeheartedly and continue their education. Education is more important in Islam than the Burqa in the classroom. 

Mike Ghouse

Muslim Man Forces His Wife To Wear Burqa

It is not good news. This guy is not following Islam. First, there is no compulsion, and second, he did not treat his wife with respect and dignity. He has acted independently, nail him for his actions, his religion has nothing to do with his actions, his faith was entirely against his practice.   

Mike Ghouse 

Karnataka News | He cheated me, I was forced to wear Burqa: Victim | Hubli Horror | CNN News18 (msn.com)

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