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A few articles on the subject

The press release in item #2 was sent to HE Serdad Kilic, Turkish Ambassador to the US and it was forwarded to President Erdogan. If you have written or read a piece on the topic, please send the link to be included here. MikeGhouse@gmail.com. More or less these articles are posted as received in chronological order.

  1. Religion News, Mike Ghouse https://religionnews.com/2020/07/08/president-erdogan-preserve-hagia-sophia-as-a-church/
  2. EIN News, Mike Ghouse – https://www.einnews.com/pr_news/521200391/turkey-hagia-sophia-should-not-be-converted-to-a-mosque
  3. Center for Pluralism, Mike Ghouse – Hagia Sophia Should not be converted to a Mosque
  4. Muslim Mirror, Dr. Aslam Abdullah – Hagia Sophia: Is the decision in line with divine guidance
  5. Smithsonian, Fergus M. Bordewich – A monumental struggle to preserve Hagia Sophia
  6. Public Orthodoxy, Ani Zonneveld – Hagia Sophia’s status as a Mosque Mocks Prophet Muhammad’s
  7. Culture Trip, Serif Yenen- The complexity of History of Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia
  8. Indian Express, Neha Bunka – Why Turkey wants to convert Hagia Sophia into a Mosque
  9. Center for Pluralism, Mike Ghouse – Hagia Sophia – should we dig up dirt or stand on higher moral grounds?
  10. New York Times, Mustapha Aykol – Would Prophet Muhammad convert Hagia Sophia?
  11. Newsweek, Mohammad Alsheribi – Why I would not pray in Hagia Sophia?
  12. The Print, Ayesha Siddiqa — Erdogan’s Turkey is on Pakistan-Indonesia track
  13. Clarion India, Syed Ali Mujtaba — Comparison between Hagia Sophia and Babri Masjid
  14. Muslim Mirror, Zubair Ahmed – Hypocrisy exposed, Israel converted Al-Ahmad Mosque into a Bar
  15. Academia, Dr. TO Shanavas – Erdogan guiding Turkey away from Prophet

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