About Ukraine,Israel, India, Palestine and Russian Invasion

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Feb 26, 2022 – We condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Mr. Putin has gone nuts to invade another country in this day and age and behaves like the crazy kings of yesteryears who were obsessed with robbing their neighbors’ land. We must protect and defend the sovereignty of Ukraine, and Putin must be pushed back. The emphasis is on pushing Putin, instead of Russia, because the people of Russia have not permitted him to invade Ukraine. 

Hitler and Putin are made of the same dictator genes. Their obsession with expanding their territories is dangerous to the world.  

 I am a pacifist and oppose wars. Wars are the acts of stupid people. God has given us a voice to communicate and resolve conflicts, whereas animals butt their heads and kill each other as they are incapable of dialogue to resolve their disputes. 

Putin is a liar. A few months ago, as the Russian army was gathering by the Ukraine border, he said he had no intention of invading Ukraine.

Dialogues have failed; he is obsessed and doesn’t see the destruction he is bringing to the Russian and the Ukrainian people. He is not a reasonable man dialogue is not working with him. We have to find a way to take him out and wipe out his army without hurting the civilian population. We are a powerful nation to do good. 

The entire world is angry at Putin for invading Ukraine and is supporting the United States and NATO to stop Russia, except a few nations; China, India, and Israel.

Naftali Bennet and Narendra Modi represent the nations that are our allies, but they behave like dictators and not the elected representatives. Bennet wants to support Russia to legitimize Israeli aggression against Palestinians, and Modi wants to legitimize his revocation of the statehood of Kashmir. Given that, they cannot help us, the United States, their ally. Never count on dictators. 

The Palestinians have every reason to be upset; where the hell was the United States when Gaza was bombarded, killing thousands of the Palestinians? That was twice! How should they feel now? The US is speaking out against Russia but remained shamelessly silent when Israel bombarded them. Is there an element of racism? Do we consider the Palestinians lesser humans? The United States needs to be honest and just and care for the human rights and religious freedom of all people. Our actions must be beyond reproach.

 Mike Ghouse is a speaker, thinker, activist, and author. He is the founder and president of the Center for Pluralism committed to building cohesive societies. www.CenterforPluralism.com 

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