Who owns the word “Allah”? The Malaysian Muslim Fitnah about Allah

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Who owns the word “Allah” ?

Full article at Huffington Post at- http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mike-ghouse/who-owns-allah-the-god-th_b_4143551.html

For every Muslim fanatic, there is a Christian, Jewish and Hindu fanatic. It never fails. Do you agree with the following excerpts from an article to be published in Malaysian News paper?

The Chief Judge of Malaysia, Mohamed Apandi Ali renders this judgment on Monday, October 14, 2013, “The usage of the word Allah is not an integral part of the faith in Christianity, and “the usage of the word will cause confusion in the community.”

Some 200 Muslim fans of the said individual greeted the decision with thundering chorus of “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great). They were happy that Christians, Sikhs and Baha’is were denied their basic right to call God- Allah. In simplistic terms, someone tells you that you cannot call your mother Mom, because he calls his mother Mom. Is that acceptable?
Pastor Robert Jeffress of Dallas called Quran an evil book written by an evil prophet, and what did his congregants do in the mega church? Gave a standing ovation and clapped endlessly!

God belongs to all, we don’t need to own him (her or it), let him remain the creator and causer and sustainer of our lives and let us accept him by the many names people call him. He is not any one’s property.

I am taking action First, we ask the Judge Mohamed Apandi Ali to reconsider his decision, and we are committed to create awareness among Muslims around the world, that this denial of the usage of the word Allah by Christians and Sikhs is un-Islamic and unacceptable to Muslims.

A tiny 1/10th of 1% of Muslims believe that the Muslim majority has given them the permission to do whatever they please in the name of Islam. Let’s call them the Fitna group; the trouble makers. Sadly, it is a part of the makeup of every religious, political, societal, racial and ethnic group. No one will have the last laugh on it.

Full article with quotes from Quran and the Prophet are embedded in the article. Similarly, I am working on asking the Republican Majority to speak out against the fanatics among us.

Do you agree? 


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