What is your favorite memory of the State Fair of Texas?

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What is your favorite memory of the State Fair of Texas? What are you most looking forward to at this year’s fair?
Vickie McKillip, Carrollton: My sister spent hours and hours making my wedding dress, since I couldn’t afford to buy one. I was struggling to pay for most of the wedding myself, since my mother and dad were struggling to pay medical bills and couldn’t help much. That homemade wedding dress won a ribbon at the fair the next year, something my sister and I will always remember.
Sam Courtney, Carrollton: My favorite memory of the State Fair is the midway when you could play more games and ride more rides than you had money for — the prices now for everything are so high that we only have been two times in the last 10 years and it was when our children were very young. The midway rides are too expensive — $3 for a ride that lasts two minutes is ridiculous. We will likely save our money and go the State Fairgrounds when it is a “real” amusement park that is open at times other than the State Fair days.
Jim Dyer, Carrollton: I hit the domestic auto pavilion first, then the foreign car pavilion. I like to see what new innovations are coming out.
Matt Wenthold, Farmers Branch: The event I am looking forward to at this year’s fair is The University of Oklahoma defeating The University of Texas. The OU-Texas game is the highlight of the fair and to attend this game in person is often a “bucket list” goal of many fans of both universities.

Paul Heller, Farmers Branch: My favorite is the building where the fast-talking sellers demonstrate their miracle products. You always see vacuums, hand creams, knives that cut steel, and the pots and pans that you will hand down to your grandchildren. Seeing the Flowbee vacuum cleaner attachment for cutting hair brought back memories of infomercials from 20 years ago. I actually use my miracle mop.
Mike Ghouse, Farmers Branch: My first favorite memory of the State Fair was taking my family to the State Fair when my boy was just about 2. We both enjoyed the bite of the big turkey leg and corn dog. I am looking forward to making that trip again with the family as all adults.
Ron Mckillip, Carrollton: My favorite memory of the State Fair was Big Tex and the midway. Big Tex is an awesome thing for a child to see and walk up to for the first time, and although I never won one, all those stuffed toys on the midway were certainly something to try and win.

Doug Fulmer, Flower Mound: My favorite memories of the fair are taking my boys and seeing the looks in their young eyes when they saw all the strange and wondrous rides and side shows. What the fair does for you is good, what it does for those that you love is much better.  
Gale David, Flower Mound: I can’t name just one favorite memory. I just liked going to the fair. The atmosphere, the rides, the exhibits, the food, the fairway, Big Tex, the horse shows and livestock.  The fair is a magical escape from reality if only for a day. One memory that makes me laugh is when I rode a ride where my feet were unsupported and my shoes flew off. I had to go find them when the ride was over.

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