Veterans Days and Muslim Participation

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November 11, 2013, Dallas, Texas – Today is Veterans Day and in their honor, I am pleased to write a note to appreciate their services. I participated in the parade last year and I might not be able to do that this year due to my health. However, I thank them for the putting their lives on line to protect our God given freedom.

I will be participating in the Annual Veterans Homeless dinner on Thursday, November 21 and will be speaking at the Veterans Resource Center on Lancaster Road in Dallas, and share pluralism prayers and our commitment to the safety, unity and security of America.

It is time for Muslims to consider being a part of the main stream America without losing an ounce of their dear religion. The more we are a part of the society, the lesser the alienation we would feel. A decade from now, some one related to a you would have given up his or her life serving America.

If the Muslims and Mosques can serve the homeless veterans that would be a great step, and of course, holding the intention of selling religion would be great. Service to humanity is our duty, first duty and it has got to be pure with nothing in return.

You can call your local Veterans Center and even volunteer.  


God bless America

Mike Ghouse

“Mike, The Homeless Annual Dinner is on Thursday, November 21st. The opening remarks will start at 11:30, so hope to see you there at about 11:15. The dinner will be at the Veterans Resource Center (VRC) on Lancaster Rd. down the block from the VA hospital; I think that is where was last year when you participated as well.  There will be a color guard ceremony, the Pledge of Allegiance, the Nat’l Anthem, Welcome by Peter Dancey (our Associate Director at VA North Texas) and others. Dr. Cunningham, our Homeless Domiciliary director, will then give instructions for how the veterans will proceed through the serving line and, before they begin to line up, pause for the Blessings.  You, I and a Rabbi from the Jewish War Veterans (sorry I don’t have his name yet) will work out the order of Blessings and how we want to proceed, so if you can be there a little early that will help us coordinate.
Lannie R. Lake 


I am thankful to our veterans, and the men and women in uniform, who risk their lives in defending our freedom and guarding our safety. I have always made a point to salute them, and certainly appreciate the Memorial Day.  I have made trips to the DFW Airport to welcome the returning soldiers as well.

I am honored to be related to General Robert E Lee through my Son and Daughter, he is their great, great, great uncle through their mother and I have stopped at his statute in DC to pay my tribute to his heroic role in the civil war.  

It was a joy to see this young man Syed Ghalib with his wife Ashreen Ghalib in the parade (top picture). Ghalib has served in the US Airforce in the mid to late nineties, indeed, he was one of the first Desi Kids (People from south Asia comprising India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka) in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex to have served, I was proud of him then, and am proud of him now watching him march in the parade. At that time, I was a publisher of Asian News, a weekly magazine in Dallas and wrote about Ghalib on the front page. He is here again on my facebook and my blog, he is the headline picture in the parade for me, and the Immigrants from South Asia.  I dedicate this note to all the veterans and Ghalib.

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