Truthfulness Islamic Value 6 of 17 By Dr Safi Kaskas and Dr Mike Ghouse

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How does the truth contribute to a better world? How does it affect us all in today’s context? You’ll not believe the number of times the Quran has emphasized Truth- one up value over any constitution, as there is no 5th in Islam

Islamic values are the essence of Islam; these values contribute to creating a better world to include all of God’s creation. God does care that we respect his entire creation—the whole universe. Everything in the universe except our interactions with fellow humans is programmed to be in harmony. The free will bestowed upon us creates conflicts among fellow humans, and for our good, we must mitigate conflicts, and nurture goodwill, forge peace, and balance.

Islah-al-Alam, that restoring the world to harmony that God had originally created.

The essence of Islam is to create cohesive societies where each of us feels secure about who we are, regardless of our faith, race, ethnicity, culture, and other uniquenesses.

Dr. Safi Kaskas, the man who translated the Quran in easy-to-understand American English called “The Quran, a contemporary understanding,” coupled with 3000 comparable verses from the Bible, and I have started sharing the Islam that most Muslims believe but did not have the material to look at it.

We have identified 17 values of Islam in the book American Muslim Agenda that we want to share with fellow Americans, and it can be a curriculum to teach about Islam. Both the books are available at with our names.

If it is not common sense, then it is not Islam.

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