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Reopening Muslim Minds: A Return To Reason, Freedom, And Tolerance Review: Theology Of Tolerance

By A. Faizur Rahman 27 March 2022 https://www.thehindu.com/books/books-reviews/reopening-muslim-minds-a-return-to-reason-freedom-and-tolerance-review-theology-of-tolerance/article65248268.eceA scholar of Islam implores Muslims to stop deifying received tradition and undertake a critical study of their religious past, shedding unyielding legalism… Read more »

74% Indian Muslims prefer Sharia over Indian laws: Pew Research

Courtesy https://www.opindia.com/ – Article Link : https://bit.ly/2SHmtr9 Over 84% of the people who participated in the survey emphasized religious tolerance. However, they asserted the fact that the majority of Indians live religiously segregated… Read more »