Sunni Muslims at Shia and Ahmadiyya Moques

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Muslims take the 2nd step – Sunnis visit Shia and Ahmadiyya Mosques

Last night, an email was sent to Muslims of all denominations, the Sunni Muslims in particular were asked to make an effort to attend the Friday prayers at a Shia or Ahmadiyya Mosques as a symbol of solidarity with them.

I  was pleased with the calls from around the world and emails from Baghdad, Lahore, Kuala Lumpur and here in the United states. Thank God, many are going to different mosques.

I went to the Momin Center in Irving, Texas. The Imam delivered a great Khutba (sermon) about having faith in God, and asking God for help. He likened God to the CEO of a mega corporation- he said,  if you know the boss, life becomes easy for you and added, if you are with God, he makes the life easy for you.

The Imam acknowledged the presences of Sunni Muslims attending the Juma prayers in solidarity with the Shia Muslims.

The appeal read.

If you are a Sunni Muslim, make an effort to attend the Friday prayers at a Shia or Ahmadiyya Mosques -more about it. To find a Shia Mosque in the United States go to  and in Dallas, go to

The 1st step was taken on Thursday, February 26, 2013 and here are the three different reports of the event, and the video will be out in a few days and will be posted here as well.

  •     Video to be added:

The You are probably aware of the efforts in bringing people of different denominations together.  Now, for the the first time in the United States, we were able to carry a formal  dialogue between Shia, Sunni, Ahmadiyya and WD Muhammad denominations in an academic setting at the Boniuk Center of Rice University.

Here are the two emails worth reading;
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Shia mosque is ok. I have said many prayers there but I will go to Ahmadiyyah mosque but to respectfully observe their service 🙂 one has to make a serious case to engage Ahmadiyyah into mainstream – unless they ractify a fundamental belief i.e. No prophet after Mohammad (PBUH)
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 Dear Mohammedbhai,

I just prayed at Ahmediyya mosque in Nairobi a month back, because our homoeopath is an Ahmedi.

I have also just been invited by Nazim A. to go to Jaffery’s to pray and to go visit the mausoleums in Najaf and Kerbala with the Ithna’asheri group. They and the Bohoras, in my experience, know more about the early history and the passions of Hadhrat Bibi Fatima (as), Hadhrat Hassan, Hadhrat Ali (as) and Hadhrat Hussein (as) and those who held to them than we do, as Khoja Ismailis.

It’s good to do this. The Ahmadiyya mosque is really peaceful.


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