Second largest religion in each one of the 50 states of the United States of America

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As Americans, we have to guard ourselves from the insecure men**, who pretend to be frightened and galvanize the radicals. Its all about money, and they know how to dupe us all. They will go ballistic on this statistics and spread falsities. You may find a rise in Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism.  


I will be ready to combat these rascals by allaying their fears that Muslims and Jews mind their own business, take care of their families, do their jobs sincerely, earn an honest living and educate their children to be contributing citizens of America. A a few may support Israel and a few may support Palestine and Hindus may support India and Bahai’s will work hard to protect fellow Bahai’s in Iran, who are being persecuted.

We cannot let any one destroy the cohesive fabric of America, I am on, and ask some of you to become the team America to preserve our harmony.

** I would rather call them insecure men and women, rather than right wingers.
Mike Ghouse | President
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Center for Pluralism
Studies in Social, religious, cultural, Gender, Political and work Place Pluralism.
Pluralism is “Respecting the otherness of others.”

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Today’s map, from the Washington Post‘s Reid Wilson, uses data from the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies to pinpoint the second-most practiced religion in each state. (Christianity is first in each state.)
If you’d like to see it broken down by all denominations, here’s another map that goes county-by-county:

Here’s a larger view of the key:

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