QA – Quran Burning and exemplary Muslim reaction.

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The following responses were given to Questions

At least we can expect two outcomes, as it will be watched world wide and some one will torch our embassy somewhere or become destructive and media will go berserk.

1. Let the Muslims around the world watch, and they will, that violence is not the behavior of Muslims- that is not what Prophet taught or Qur’an says. They all know it, but a reminder is good, isn’t it? 

2. Let the World know that there is a standard set of behavior for the followers of the man who is considered a mercy to mankind – those who don’t follow, did not get their religion right, and hope some sane minds will consider that and not blame Islam, but blame the individual criminals for their wrong doing. 

Just because nothing is happening now, it does not mean that many a people think Islam is the religion of peace like every religion. should we wait something to happen and react?

No religion should ever be blamed for the acts of individuals, get the rascals and punish them and get it over instead of nagging the religion for ever. NO religion, yes, No religion ever teaches to hate, kill, maim, rape, loot and violate others freedom.

Prophet Muhammad was a man of peace, like Jesus, Moses, Krishna, Buddha, Zarthustra, Mahavira, Nanak, and several others in formal and informal religious traditions along with Gandhi, MLK and others.

To build cohesive societies, we have to remove the myths about each other. Place the blame where it belongs, punish the wrong doer individual and keep the society safe. You cannot punish, kill, hang, bury or beat up religion- its intangible,so why blame?
Each one of us has to contribute our individual share of good in building cohesive societies, and this is our humble effort. If it fails, so be it. We are not here to win or loose, but to do our Dharma and let God’s grace work its own ways. 


We are preparing to publish, “What do they say” – a collection of sane wisdom in response to the Press release below. If you could compose a note in 100 words (not a word more please), we will place it before our advisory to select those that go towards building cohesive societies, where we all can get along and live without fear of each other. Please remember, it is not a Muslim thing, it is an American thing and about living in America.



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