Denominations Articles on the subject will be added and a brief description of the uniqueness of each one of the 10 different denominations will presented as we move along. Please… Read more »


Reformation When should Ramadan End Interpreting Islam Moderates Must Challenge Qur’aan encourages to think Reformation does not mean negating what is practiced and believed with new set of beliefs and… Read more »

Muslim Conduct

MUSLIM CONDUCTGuidance from Qur’aan Parents give guidance to their kids either in actual instruction or through insinuation or being an example. Not all Kids follow everything. God has created an… Read more »

Things to do in 2007

Please consider making the following 3 resolutions for thisyear. Hopefully, it may free** you spiritually.You may thinkabout committing to do the following: 1. Volunteer 1 hour a week. Half of… Read more »

Sharia Reforms

SHARIA REFORMS Mike Ghouse The laws that govern the life of a Muslim from birth to death and every moment in between are claimed to be inspired by the Qur’aan…. Read more »