Things to do in 2007

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Please consider making the following 3 resolutions for this
year. Hopefully, it may free** you spiritually.You may think
about committing to do the following:

1. Volunteer 1 hour a week. Half of your time must go to non-Muslims
(To be Amin). Please note doing this is neither charity, nor a noble
work. It is simply working for our happiness.

2. Make an effort to respond to any negative news in your local paper
with a positive note to the editor. Please keep it less than 100 words
so that you can actually do it in less than 15 minutes.
Goodwill always wins at the end with Sabr.

3. Once a month, budget permitting whatever dinner gatherings you
hold, whatever party you go to – invite your non-Muslim friends to join
you and please do not run them off with Dawah. Once we know***
each other, a lot of things get repaired over a period of time. Please
make sure you fight your bias and invite every one from every faith.

** What does Freedom mean?

It simply means that we have freed ourselves from
Hate, Prejudice, Anger, Jealousy and ill-will.

Holding on to the above elements is binding, letting them go from
our hearts is freedom. Freedom is the ultimate achievement in
one’s life, once you are free, you are home comfortable and
blessed with serene happiness.

Being home is being with God, being with God is obedience to God
and obedience is absence of conflict. Conflict is binding and takes
joy out of us. When we are in tune with God – we create a balance
within us and around us.

The word for that effort is “Jihad” in Islam. As Muslims, let’s do our
Jihad – to be free. Free from hate, anger, jealousy, envy and ill-will
which will allow us to be productive humans in God’s kingdom.
Every time you feel bias towards any one, please fight it within
to win and Insha Allah, you will win.

Let’s become the source of peace for ourselves and to every one
around us. Let people trust us, believe in us and accept that
whatever we do is for the good of mankind, and we as individuals
are the first beneficiary and recipient of Joy as others
benefit from it as well. That is indeed the Good deed. The name
for this act of being a reason, being a source of happiness is
also known as Islam. Earning the trust is being Amin.

For this to happen we need to be a part of the society and be
with other people to create that peace. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
has set that model for us to earn to be Amin of the society.
God will change things for us once we become the Amin’s.

*** to know each other is the basis for creating a peaceful world
and that there is endless wisdom in this Ayat of Qur’aan, Al-Hujurat,
Surah 49:13: O mankind! We have created you male and female, and have
made you nations and tribes that ye may know one another. Lo! the
noblest of you, in the sight of Allah, is the best in conduct.
Lo! Allah is Knower, Aware.

Let’s become the source of goodwill and cause of peace.
Jazak Allah Khair,

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