Islamic Constitution

ISLAMIC CONSTITUTION By Dr. Javid Jamil _______________________________________________________Only God’s word is final, all else is debatable. A statement becomes truth, if it has universal acceptability. In this case, all religions ought… Read more »

Nazanin Fatehi – Injustice

Nazanin is Free now. Jan 31, 2007 : NAZANIN IS FREE!!!Nazanin had a very emotional reunion with her family members. She could not believe that this day had arrived. She… Read more »

Human Development

HUMAN DEVELOPMENT Human development, i.e., individuals and organizations committed to uplift the ones in ditches and giving them a hand in bringing them back on a level playing field. Catholic… Read more »

Save Darfur

Latest info on Darfur : Jan 10, 2007Thanks God for this Good News, May God help build peaceDear mike,I want to share some important news from Khartoum. New Mexico Governor… Read more »

Congressman Ellison

Congressman Ellison Congressman Ellison so far has proved himself to be a great American. His statements, his conversation has nothing but honoring and respecting every American on the land. His… Read more »


DIALOGUEARTICLES: Truth & Power (12/27/06) DIALOGUE ” Dialogue only has meaning if it respects the autonomy of the other; absent that respect we have monologue. It is for each religious… Read more »


JUSTICE IN ISLAMARTICLES: Concept of justice JUSTICE IS THE CORE VALUE OF ISLAM The concept of Justice can be said as the core value of Islam. The Physical dimension of… Read more »


Conversions and our attitudes Islam forbids compulsion, both internal and external, as it recognizes human nature. Let people have the freedom to choose what is good for them. To live… Read more »