Is one Muslim superior to the other?

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By Mike Ghouse

The Prophet, in his last sermon, said, no one is superior to the other. Equality is one of Islam’s most distinct values, the value that will make the world a better place for every human, if everyone thinks, feels, talks, and acts as equal.

Muslims around the world must get out of their stinky patronizing behavior. The video link below titled ‘Five things about Chinese Muslims’ is a good example.

Muslims forget to emulate the Prophet’s foundational Sunna of being Amin. Instead, they choose the exhibitive Sunnah like the Beard, as if it makes them a Muslim. Islam is about making one a good human being and a good citizen. It is the character, not the physical appearance, that makes one a Muslim.

If you don’t wear a beard and don’t recite verses after each breath, you are not Muslim enough. What have we done to Islam?

A few Muslims jump and criticize any article about Islam by fellow Muslims as if they are the only ones who know about Islam, and others don’t. They forget that every Muslim must learn about Islam on his/her own, particularly the ones in the public square, through the only one reliable, authentic book, the Quran.

A few Muslims indeed ask me if I know Arabic or been to an Islamic Seminary, and my response is my authorization comes from the Prophet. He did not assign Al-Azhar university or a Shaikh to teach Islam; he said you read and understand the book.

One’s Muslimness does not come from Beard or the fancy regalia. It comes from one’s character. One must question himself or herself if they feel others are “less than” them. Would he/she get 100 marks for being a Muslim?

Look at the arrogance of Muslims. Most American Muslims don’t think African American Muslims know about Islam as much as they do. The Arabs don’t believe the Subcontinent Muslims or the Indonesian Muslims know much about Islam, and the Pakistani Muslims feel they are better Muslims than the Indian Muslims. Indian Muslims think they know Islam better than Bangladeshi Muslims. Why are we judgmental?

Five things about Chinese Muslims

I was blessed to have met most Muslim scholars worldwide through the State Department’s programs. I enjoyed meeting the Mufti of China several years ago.

History of Islam in China

Mike Ghouse is committed to opening people’s hearts and minds towards each other. If we can learn to respect the otherness of the other and accept the God-given uniqueness of each one of us, then conflicts fade solutions emerge. Mike offers pluralistic solutions to the media, corporations, and policymakers.

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