Is authenticity of the Hadiths questionable?

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YouTube – A Muslim talks about questionable Hadiths in this video.

Muslims want to preserve the authentic Hadiths and it will be an enormous task to take out the fabricated ones from the real ones. Most of the Hadiths directly contradict the adl and rahma of the Prophet and God. If Islam were a Political party committed to control and oppress others, most the Hadiths would have suited the religion, but Islam is not about ruling people with enforcers’ danda (stick), it is about living cohesively in harmony with other people and nature.

Indeed the great Imam, Imam Bukhari rejected 99% of the Hadiths based on transmission, if he had the time, he would have reduced 99% of the 1% left based on authenticity – do they meet the criteria of Rabbul Aalameen, Rahmatul Aalameen and justness.

Dr. Shabbir Ahmed in Florida has begun the process of compiling the list –  and Hasan Mahmud, the Sharia expert at World Muslim Congress has written an article – examples of Sharia, one of the most read pieces –

The process of devaluing some of the work of the great Ulema has begun a long time ago and we have started writing about it in public. .    and many more pieces.

The first thing to do is question them if they meet the criteria of Quran, then gradually over a period of time thru participation of the guardians of the Hadiths, remove them. The Ahl-e-Hadith and other groups are very capable of seeing the reason and rationality of Quran and would eventually see the value in it, as long as they don’t feel threatened. It is the sense of threat that makes people to hang on to what they are familiar with.

Quran is the only book God has promised to protect and Alhamdu Lillah, it will remains in his hands, none others were under his protection and we need to preserve the parts of Hadiths that offer wisdom and guidance to live cohesively within the Aalameen with Justice and mercy to “all” beings.

Thank God for all of them, some day, Insha Allah, together we will achieve that, and I thank Allah for blessing us the life in these United States where we fear none but Allah.

 Insha Allah, we will work on holding a conference in 2016 inviting the major scholars of Hadith to come together and share their point of view and listen to others.

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Mike is a self taught secure Muslim, authenticated by Prophet’s words – that each one of us has the individual responsibility to “read” and “understand” the Quran – the great book that is a manual in creating cohesive societies where each individual is a free part of such society without apprehension or fear of any, but Allah who is God of the universe and the Prophet who is mercy to mankind.   Mike is a speaker, thinker, writer, pluralist,  TV-Radio commentator and an activist committed to building cohesive societies and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day. His info in 63 links at and writings at 

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