India Is A Country Of Particular Concern

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We owe our ally India a considerable favor; we have to pull her out of the ditches and make her a reliable partner. It is in our economic, security, and long-term political interests.

We want an enduring relationship with India based on shared values such as religious freedom, human rights, and equal opportunities for all Indians. Any deficiency in these values will lead to a breakup in our relationships. It is like a marriage between two incompatible partners that will not last. We have witnessed many disasters in our foreign policy, invested huge sums into reckless relationships, and end up being a loser.

By recognizing India as a Country of Particular Concern, we will be doing the right thing – It is not a punishment to India but a favor. The Indian politicians know that the looming political instability in India could cause foreign direct investments to dry up and major corporations to look for other places with political stability. All the gains India had accrued in the last twenty years will be lost, and the ordinary person will be the loser.

Announcing India as a CPC will wake up the Indian politicians to correct their mistakes, restore religious freedoms and human rights, and become on par with our values. It will tell the world that India is open to criticism and correction, a hallmark of a vibrant democracy. Do you remember the Tylenol Episode a few decades ago? By acknowledging their mistakes, they bounced back and earned respect from the community of nations.

Imagine if the Hindu Americans were to hear the exact words that the Christians, Muslims, and others hear in India? “You eat what we permit you to eat, wear what appeases us, and believe what suits us. You don’t belong here; either convert, live as second-class citizens or face genocide and daily harassment. “

The Hindu Americans have a moral duty to stand up for the Indians in India, and I urge them to support the decision by the USCIRF to affix the label “Country of Particular Concern.” I hope the Biden administration reviews our foreign policy and chooses not to be a loser. We certainly don’t want to regret counting on India to be our ally.

We, the Indian immigrants, love our motherland India, as all other immigrants do, and we want the best for her.

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