Hindu Version of ISIS – I am worried about India

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I urge Moderate Hindus around the world to condemn the new avatar of ISIS in India. Hindu religion is a peaceful religion and its name is being tarnished. They need to speak up, as the radical Hindus are hijacking their religion, they are openly dictating what one should eat, wear or believe. Yesterday, a Chief Minister of a state was threatened to be beheaded if he ate beef. Writers were murdered in day light, men and women are being lynched for their beliefs…

What is Prime Minister Modi doing? Is he backing this extreme version of Hinduism? God only knows, he has remained silent over all these incidents. Not a word of condemnation?

A few of the Indians are behaving irrationally with the given situation, they are reeling with the fact that their God like man Modi is responsible for this, and denying it, they simply do not have the stomach to dialogue and discuss, instead they are throwing things like “this is congress propaganda” or “lies” and other words due to their language deficiency. I understand their dilemma and urge them to discuss the issue with the intent of finding solutions Every one of us has the same goal – society to live in harmony, most believe in live and let live and a few believe in live and subjugate others. 

Moderate Hindus have to speak up to save the good name of Hinduism and thank God many of them are standing up from historians, journalists, writes, academics and you name it. But we need more voices to bring control to the situation. 


A few clips from my responses on facebook:

Yogi, yes, the moderate India is peace loving; moderate Hindus are peace loving; moderate Muslims are peace loving and moderate Christians are peace loving
Right now the radicals among Hindus are bent on destroying that beautiful tradition, and I am urging Moderate Hindus to stop the radicals from branding Hinduism negatively. 

Another clip:

If you cannot present a logical explanations, you tend to resort to, “ blatant lies about India , Indians and specially Hindus.”  You don’t make any sense. 

We have to save India from being run over by the radicals among Hindus who are acting like the ISIS brutes,  if we don’t, India’s future will be severely affected. Moody’s has already made the call and it is possible that investors may pull out of India, it will create a massive chaos and unemployment. Do you want that to happen? 

Are you telling me the threat to behead Siddaramiah should be ignored?

Are you telling me raping a dead woman is Hinduism?

Are you telling me burning Dalits is Hinduism?

Are you telling me lynching a guy in Dadri is Hinduism?

Are you telling me hacking Kulbargi to death is Hinduism?

Are you telling me messing with the face of Kulkarni is Hinduism?

If you think yes, then you have not understood Hinduism, a religion that teaches non-violence.

What does it take for you to understand that Hindutva and Hinduism are two different things, one is a political radical ideology and other is peaceful religion? Just as Islam and Islamism, Islam and ISIS and other combinations with other faiths. 

When we see bad things happen, we have to speak up. It is not about Hindus, it is about India which is a collective pride of Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Jains, Dalits and all other Indians.

Most Indians are capable of discussions but a few are not, tend to be belligerent.  I urge them to stick to a topic and not jump from subject to subject without completing one. If you want to wrap up and get an understanding of the item, you have stick to the central theme of the discussion.  I further request my friends to respond with reason and fact, rather than resorting to calling the other a liar. Please develop the skills to distinguish between Hinduism and Hindutva, Islam and Islamism, Christianity and Neocons – one is a beautiful religion and other is a political ideology bent on subjugating the other.  We are all in this together to create a society where all of us can live in harmony and with least amount of conflicts. Let’s live our life and others live theirs.

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