Hajj, a different perspective

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Let’s think through this without getting emotional.

Hajj is not made mandatory for every Muslim but for those who can afford. The idea is to imbue humility in those who may feel arrogant about their wealth, personal accomplishments or fame. Arrogance kills peace and is the root cause of all societal ills, whereas humility builds bridges and brings peace to families, communities and nations. No wonder, God loves the person with humility the most, and the least of the people he likes are arrogant ones. 

Hajj is supposed to purify one, bring humility and make one pure innocent being without prejudices, and without ill-will or jalousies and anger – a true Amin – someone to be trusted, who tells nothing but the truth, cheats no one, treats every one (every one) with dignity, and everyone feels safe around him or her.

Sadly Hajj has become an item to brag about; there are chest thumping men and women who make sure you know how many times they have performed Hajj.  Hajj is for you and not for display. Who cares how many times you performed Hajj…  Hajj is not a certificate of purity to hide under and keep doing the same things.

Mecca is being stripped off the opportunity to be humble, and offering similar opulence that one lives with, how do you become humble? If the niyya is shopping and bragging, that is fine, and nothing wrong with it. But piety does not come with Hajj anymore.

If Hajj does not transform you, why perform it? Rather why invest in it? Taking care of fellow beings is much more important than Hajj – check it out, there are more verses advising humanity to take care of neighbors than Hajj… doesn’t Quran mean it?

I am not fortunate enough to see transformed individuals yet. I am sure there are genuine Hajis, who can be identified by their character. What I have seen is from Imams to the ordinary folks hunker for social ratings.

It would be disrespectful to perform Hajj and not become the Amins of the society. If you do intend to perform Hajj, make sure you don’t make a show of it.

It is time we start thinking about these issues. After all no one including anyone of the imams will come to your rescue on the Day of Judgment, we are on our own and we better learn to be independent here as we do hereafter.

Mike Ghouse

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