Dr. Muqtedar Khan On Foreign Policy By War Mongers

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Brilliant and bold piece. Damned warmongers!

The article is followed by critical points in the article. 


Outstanding article; it’s powerful. A few things I really like are here: 

“Why the ever-expanding NATO has brought us on the brink of war and not peace.”

“When Russians bomb hospitals, sanctions after sanctions are imposed. When Israel bombs medical centers, sanctions or even talk of sanctions are deemed unhelpful. The hypocrisy is evident and recognizedHungary and Poland built barbed-wire barriers to keep Syrian refugees out but are welcoming Ukrainians with open arms. Statements from media and leaders expressing anguish at the suffering of “civilized” 

There are now over 20,000 foreign fighters already in Ukraine.

While the global horizon appears gloomy, there is one favorable development for the United States. At the end of this conflict, we will have a much-diminished Russia and much scared Europe. The former will be less of a challenge to the United States, and the latter will be more firmly committed to NATO, more in need of U.S. military presence and leadership. And don’t forget booming demand for U.S. weapons. Between Finland and Germany alone the United States has already received orders for ninety-nine F-35 jet fighters. 

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