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You have already read a ton about the film Kashmir Files. I have read the propagandists as well as the critics, but I have not seen the movie yet, and plan to see it next Tuesday in Centreville, VA. I gather there are a lot of falsities in it and the Hindutva group is thrilled, and Modi has endorsed it. At the bottom of the article there are links to articles on the subject.

What is the problem? 

Muslims in India will have a tough time in the coming days. The Genocide call will get the full throttle. When the Hindutva brigade walks out of the theater, they will be loaded with hatred for Muslims, and we don’t know what they will do and who they will hurt. This is not good for India business-wise, socially, and morally. I hope Indian society does not degenerate into killers, lynchers and destroy the great society we were. What kind of poison we are injecting into our Hindu youth? Will they be normal people?

Consider these facts. 

  1. There are enough facts, including the RTI letter that shows 89 Hindu Pundits killed versus 1500 others during the exodus. 
  2. Many Hindu Pundits are speaking out against the film.
  3. The chameleon Anupam Kher said different things before 1984 on Twitter. He spoke well then but now has changed his colors. 
  4. It is a film to make money, but the bhakts treat it as a fact. 
  5. There have been many Video clips questioning the authenticity of the facts in the last few days.  
  6. Newspaper and TV clips must be available from that time. 
  7. The State of Rhode Island has formally recognized the Kashmir Genocide, which has become a big publicity stunt by the film’s producer. More publicity, more business.  According to a Quint report, the citation image shared by Agnihotri on social media is in recognition of the movie ‘premiere’ in Rhode Island and not ‘Kashmir genocide’ as per the filmmaker’s claim.

What can be done? 

  1. We must acknowledge the suffering of the Pundits with complete integrity. Indeed, in its annual Holocaust and Genocide events, the Center for Pluralism has presented the massacre of Kashmiri Pundits, the Sikh Genocide, Bangla Genocides, Massacre of Muslims in Gujarat Nellie, and other places in South Asia among 30 such horrible events across the world in the last 17 years. We hope to cover all such tragic events in the coming years.  
  2. We should not ignore the massacre of Muslims in Jammu, Sri Nagar, and other places by our brutal sadistic Indian army and over 1000 Muslims killed by the militants. Someone suggested that there are graves to prove it. 
  3. We must strip the exaggerations and put down the correct numbers. There is an honest group of Republican and Democrat-appointed commissioners at the USCIRF. Modi needs to give them visas to visit, put an accurate report, and let other human rights organizations do their reporting. Why is India reluctant to face the truth? If we are bad, let’s fix the problems, if we are righteous, we will get a clean chit. 
  4. We need to form a team with diverse and opposing voices to produce a documentary to counter the film. We know Modi will not let it be released, as truth will hurt him politically. But we have to do our work. 
  5. Facts must come out, and truth must win at the end. Let the responsible Hindu majority see it. Most of them do not support this film but want something to believe that is truthful. 
  6. The team must be factual and resist every temptation to be a counter-propaganda documentary.
  7. We want every son of Mother India to feel secure and the mother to be happy that all her children are respected and are safe. I hope you are among the responsible Hindus who would like to see a documentary made. A good India Together is good for every Indian. 

We hope a reasonable effort will counter the social fracturing and the nation together to bring peace and prosperity. If Indian Americans take no action, bad times are ahead for everyone except Modi, Adani, and Ambani who may flee the country. It is the public that gets screwed.

Don’t miss this video critique by Ashok Kumar Pandey of the film Kashmir Files 

Reference Articles
The articles that I have read and recommend reading.

  1. Ashok Kumar Pandey rips the facts of Kashmir Files
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  7. 5 Indian Films that landed in trouble

May God guide us on the right path and do the right things.  

Thank you. 

Mike Ghouse

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