Do you trust Maulana Dr. Tahirul Qadri

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We need to be cautious, as some of the videos could have been doctored. As it is,  he appears to be duplicitous.  God knows the truth, but if this video is right, we have to determine what to do with him.  I urge my fellow Muslims in Dallas to distance themselves from him, or if this video is wrong, bring out the correction. 
Dr. Qadri could have said, that once he supported the Blasphemy laws, and was instrumental in sowing the seeds of fitna and hatred once, but now he does not agree with it and has corrected himself.

Right after 9/11, he came up with several hundred pages of document declaring Terrorism as un-Islamic, we all put him up on the pedestal.  He is the same guy who brings Minhaj-ul-quran and does the Milaad in Dallas.
You Tube Video –
Do we need to trust this man?

Mike Ghouse

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