Do Muslims want results?

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Do Muslims want results?  Here you go!

Dallas, Texas, July 4, 2015 —  It has been a very successful day today, our press release, “Happy 4th – Muslims are an integral part of American Heritage,” has made it to 70+ Newspaper and still counting, we hope it will make it to 100 by Sunday. 

Nothing will change if you do nothing about it.  Our goal is to change the false perceptions about Muslims – and it won’t happen by itself, we have to do something about it.

The most pragmatic thing to do is to interact with fellow Americans and fellow humans, so they can see you are not what the media portrays Muslims to be. This was how Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) established his credentials – by earning the trust of people around him by being truthful, just, honest, and trustworthy, indeed he was called Amin by fellow humans who were not Muslims, and if we follow that example conflicts will fade and solutions will emerge.

The second pragmatic thing to do is to let the world know that you care about fellow beings, and do your share of work for the safety, security, peace and harmony of every member of the society at large.  God in Quran repeats innumerable times that if your care for your fellow beings, you need not worry about your future. 

We spent the whole night and the day in sending the press releases to news media, and am pleased to share the results; 

  • 70 news outlets have published the news ( listed below)
  • 20 websites have published the press release
  • 25 Yahoo groups have received the emails

For every negative news, we will post positive news.

Time to rejoice, thanks to the media for carrying the following news, this is our effort towards changing perceptions about Muslims.  The more good we can upload, the more it offsets the negativity. It takes time and money to carry on this effort.

Please donate generously – our goal is to raise $60,000 thru December this year, all donations of over $100 will be listed by the name, and smaller donations will be lumped as general donors at– this site on the left panel from the moment money starts flowing. 

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American Muslims consider July 4th as one of their cherished holidays. We uphold, protect, defend and celebrate the values enshrined in the U.S. constitution.

Happy 4th – Muslims are an integral part of American Heritage

July 4, 2015, Washington, D.C. – “America is the greatest nation on the earth and indeed, Muslims are a part of the American Heritage since the day America was born, Upon declaration of our independence on July 4, 1776, two of the first three heads of states who recognized the sovereignty of the United States were Muslims and one of them was a Muslim from India.”  Mike Ghouse, President of America Together Foundation.

Morocco was the first country to recognize the independence of the United States of America, and signed the Moroccan-American Treaty of Friendship, the first of its kind. Friesland, one of the seven United Provinces of the Dutch Republic, was the next to recognize American independence (February 26, 1782) and Tipu Sultan, the King of Mysore State (India) was the third. 

“America means everything to Muslims, and the biggest thing is freedom. Muslim Americans have every reason to claim July 4th as a Muslim Holiday. It has given us life, liberty and paved the way in pursuit of our happiness. There is no other country in the world that offers genuine freedom, freedom of speech and of conscience.”

The concept of equality is etched and nurtured in the Muslim psyche in every ritual and spiritual practice of Islam.  Prophet Muhammad delivered similar words in his last sermon as are in our immortal declaration of independence.  .” Muslims hold this declaration close to their hearts and as American Muslims, “We hold these truths to be self-evident…”

The raging inner battle among Americans to keep the state and church apart resonates with Muslims living in America as Quran speaks out to them, 49:13- “O mankind! We have created you male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that ye may know one another. The noblest of you, in sight of God, is the best in conduct. God Knows and is Aware.” Indeed, knowledge leads to understanding and understanding to acceptance of the otherness of other and appreciate a different point of view without having to agree with it.

Honoring merit appeals to Muslims, you can be who you want to be and Muslims gloat about their ability to raise on the basis of their merit. The Prophet tells his own daughter that she will not get a free pass to paradise because she is a daughter of the prophet; she has to earn it on her own through good deeds to fellow beings, such is the emphasis placed on merit and individual responsibility. That is what capitalism, democracy and America are all about.

Immigrants in general and a Muslims in particular love the idea that you are innocent until proven guilty. They see the wholesomeness of justice in America and they love America for it. An observant Muslim recites at least 17 times a day that God alone is the judge and we must refrain from judging others.

As American Muslims we uphold, protect, defend and celebrate the values enshrined in the U.S. constitution. Our faith reinforces the creed of “One Nation under God, with liberty and justice for all.”

Islam is indeed about freedom of conscience, justice and liberty.  You can read the full story at 

Please don’t forget to donate, the work must continue

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A few more have popped up since I wrote. May be I will update tomorrow.

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