Books Teaching Radical Islam to Kindergarteners

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Teaching Hatred to Children | 

An Indonesian school teaches children to be Jihadis (link appended). “Meant to teach children how to read Arabic, the books contained phrases such as “sa-hid di me-dan ji-had” (die as a jihadist), “ma-ti be-la a-ga-ma” (die defending religion) and “bi-la a-ga-ma ki-ta di-hi-na ki-ta ti-a-da re-la” (we won’t stand to see our religion insulted).

The Westboro Baptist Church puts 5 t0 10 year old kids  to hold hateful placards against Jews and LGBT community. Last week, Pro-Lifers held a rally in Washington DC, there were toddlers and babies listening to the rants of the parents.

Jewish kids are taught to hate the other, Palestinian Christians and Muslims, the even yanked a Christmas tree last year. 
Hindu kids spew their hatred for Muslim, a 6 year old boy holds a sword and swears to use it against Muslim, I have seen two videos taken from the RSS training camps, where children were taught to hate Muslims and use violence. 

Something must be done about this, there is so much hatred taught by almost every group.  If only the parents know that they are poisoning their children with hatred making it difficult for them to live with others, they may stop it, at least most of them will stop. 

It is not Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews or Buddhists, it is a percent in each one of these groups that is hate filled and destructive to themselves first, and to others. For a long time, I have maintained, “for every Muslim ass, you will find a Hindu, Christian, Jewish and a Buddhist ass.” It is not the religion, it is the parents who poison their children.

Muslim kids are taught hatred, which they bring with them even here in America, The Hindu, Christian and Jewish kids are no exception either, and now the Buddhist kids are poisoned daily with hatred for the other.

My first such encounter was my father standing up at a temple in Nanjangud, Karnataka. The priest was spewing falsities about Tipu Sultan, so the visitors can walk out not in peace but with hatred for Muslims. My father spoke up, and the bus load of his friends were with him, all Hindus and fully supported my father, he and I were the only Muslims on the bus tour visiting places.  My father gave a talk that Tipu had restored several temples including the Sri Ranganath temple in Srirangapatna, which the priest at the temple tells clearly, which is not very far from Nanjangud.  OMG, this story of Indonesia pulled the vivid pictures from that day.  If the priest had stopped spewing hatred… millions of tourist since then, almost 55 years ago, would have been saved from hatred.

Almost 50 years later, I encountered a similar event in Jerusalem – a bus load of Americans from the Middle East Peace Initiative were on the bus, and the tour guide starting talking about Israel – the first thing she did was explain Islam, and said it has six pillars, and the first one was Jihad, that means kill the Jews… I got up and said, that the information is wrong, and asked if I can speak after she has finished? My fellow Americans in unison (this has happened before) said, let him speak, and I did, there were two Imams on the bus as well form Netherlands. Jihad was no pillar of Islam…. and not only that, the bus people were with us, we called in the prayer call, pulled the bus over and prayed and broke the fast of Ramadan. She was defensive, and said she was merely saying what she was trained about and we did not have an argument with her, poor girl was doing what she was told to do. When we reached Hotel, we printed and gave her the 5 pillars of Islam which she passed it on to her management…. how many American Kids must be brainwashed daily, for what, to mess them up?

Back in Dallas, I was on Radio all day on the day of 9/11/2001 making coherence out of the chaos of the day, and I had almost every area mayor, religious leaders on my show and we encouraged people to donate blood, monies and start the interfaith prayers. That is another story ( So, I was asked to arrange for the prayers in the Mosque and I did, with people from all faiths including Hindu faith, which many Muslims appreciated, but there were two assholes, who ridiculed me for bringing in a Hindu in the temple. 

In one of the Unity Day programs, a group of people ganged up on me and said, we will not attend the program if you have the Wicca people standing there with us, I told them that I will do anything for them, but not disinvite them, and that I will represent their group, as I have done many times, represented Jews, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Zoroastrians, Baha’i and others. By the way, don’t guess who they were, they were not Muslim; all of this will be published in a few years.

In another prayer at the Hindu temple with non-Hindus, I was the only Muslim, and one asshole started screaming his hatred about Muslims, and the President of the group, grabbed his hand and pointed towards me, and said here is our Muslim friend. Imagine if he was not stopped, one after another, 10 more speakers would have spewed hatred and walked out frustrated.

The bad people are handful, just a few, if we stop them initially, a whole lot of bad will not flow from them.  If you color the river at its starting point, the fountain head so to say, the entire river will have it, if we keep it clean, a whole lot of it will now flow from there.

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Jakarta. The editor behind the kindergarten textbooks believed to be containing “dangerous radical Islamic teachings” has defended his products, saying that it was all a matter of perception.
The series “Muslim Kids Like to Read” recently caught the ire of moderate Muslim groups like the Ansor Youth Movement (GP Ansor), which had discovered it in a kindergarten in Depok, just south of Jakarta.

Meant to teach children how to read Arabic, the books contained phrases such as “sa-hid di me-dan ji-had” (die as a jihadist), “ma-ti be-la a-ga-ma” (die defending religion) and “bi-la a-ga-ma ki-ta di-hi-na ki-ta ti-a-da re-la” (we won’t stand to see our religion insulted).
They were first published in 1999, with the 167th edition issued last year by Pusaka Amanah Publisher in Solo, Central Java, and written by Nurani Mastain.
Pusaka Amanah owner Sarwono refused to take responsibility for the books, saying: “We only print them.”

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