Zakir Naik, fact check failure

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Accidentally, the following video of Zakir Naik popped on me while watching YouTube.

At 2:04 he says Czar Alexander II was assassinated in 1882 in a bullet proof car donated by Napoleon I of France.

I knew the first car was made in 1886, so I checked, there was no car in 1881, and bullet proof car did not come until 1972. Here are the dates Napoleon I (1799 -1804) and Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821).

This is perhaps my 3rd fact check on Zakir Naik. Either his researchers are wrong or he doesn’t check, regardless it is his responsibility.

Way back in 2010, pastor Robert Jeffress, a big evangelical name also bullshitted about purpose of life.

I expect the big names to tell the truth, wouldn’t you?

Mike Ghouse

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