When Passover and Good Friday Fall on The Same Day – Opinion

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My commentary:

This article has the signs of dreams coming true for me. For years, I have longed to see a reconciliation between Christians and Jews, Christians and Muslims, Jews and Muslims, and most certainly Christians and Hindus. Ultimately, we all have to live in peace and without fear of each other. That is what the Tikkun Olam, and Islah-al-Alam is all about.

I have written to Pope Francis, whom I consider a true representative of God’s will on the Earth, to initiate a dialogue. The conflict hinges on a gross misunderstanding of each other. The Christians ought to know that Jews did not kill Jesus, a Jew, and were given the punishment according to the laws of the time, for he was a rebel. Christians also should know that Quran recognizes Jesus as the north star who beckoned the arrival of Prophet Muhammad to carry on his work further. Understanding the son of God versus the ProphetProphet is semantics and not a lie as propagated by a few Christians. Our Jewish friends should know that Prophet Muhammad did not order the killing of some 700 Jews randomly, it was because that particular group betrayed the treaty they had made, and the punishment at that time was death. The Prophet did not order it, but a man chosen by the Jews.

I hope we can take this further. There is no point in holding hostilities towards each other.

Mike Ghouse

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Mike Ghouse

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When Passover and Good Friday fall on the same day – opinion

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