Two Islams — The Mangled-up and the Pristine

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By Mike Ghouse
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Nearly a decade ago, I argued with the Islamophobes that there is only one Islam, period. But today, I see two Islams; mangled and the pristine one.  The intention of this essay is to create constructive discussions to get us out of the nasty quagmire.

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A few comments from our esteemed friends are here below at:

Yesterday, I was on Sean Hannity Radio with Brigitte Gabrielle – and I clearly communicated to some 2 million listeners that they cannot pluck a word or sentence from a verse and feast on it. Brigitte shared that with her massive organization; Act for America as well. Today’s feedback comes from one of the Neocons – It is not the verse or Islam that is the problem, but our ‘mis-understanding’ – This is a sea change!

God willing through these engagements on TV, Radio and Print, we can help the world see Islam in its pristine form while acknowledging the mangled up one as well.   A short piece about Hannity Radio – a conversation with Sean Hannity and Brigitte Gabriel about ISIS is at: 

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Dear brother Mike Ghouse Sahib,

By reading this wonderful and thought provoking article over and over again I have indeed refurbished and refreshed my understanding of Islam. There can’t be better advocacy and pleading of a universal creed and divine faith as our religion Islam is. No doubt it has been mangled over the centuries with diverse, different and conflicting interpretation of the holy book crafted by theologians to suit their personal inclinations and to keep the rulers in good humor. This misinterpretation and forgeries have somehow given a chance to the non Muslims to paint Islam in lurid colors.

Allama Iqbal said:

Deen-e- Mullah Fi siblillah Fasad” (the faith of rustic Islamic cleric is to divide the Muslims in the name of God”


Yeh Ummat khurafat main kho gayee hay

Haqeeqat rawayat main kho gayee hay
This nation (Muslims) have been lost in frivolous beliefs
The reality and truth has fallen victim to traditions and fabrication”

This is very true because more harm and debasing of Islam have occurred by the people within the Islamic fold than from the detractors and those professing other faiths.

Your interpretation and that of the renowned scholar Muhammad Yunus puts Islam in the right perspective and needs to be disseminated and widely publicized for inculcation of correct impression and image of this sublime religion that offer eternal guidance to the humanity for a right and righteous conduct in a society and for God’s mercy and his pleasure.

Saeed Qureshi

Thank you

Mike Ghouse
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