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26 Verses of the Quran

RESPONSE TO 26 QURAN VERSES Prof. Akhtar Wasi has given an excellent response to Waseem’s false claim that 26 verses of the Quran incite violence. Professor’s response is generic. Hopefully,… Read more »

Hindu America Foundation’s petition about Bangaldeshi Genocide

Please note that I have signed the Hindu American Foundation’s petition to recognize the Genocides of Bangladeshis in 1971, including Hindus and Muslims. Indeed, we commemorated this about ten years… Read more »

Two Islams: Pristine and Mangled-Up

Two Islams: Pristine and Mangled-Up is a chapter from the book American Muslim Agenda available at Amazon and Kindle Nearly two decades ago, I argued with the Islamophobes that there… Read more »

Row Over Sri Lanka Plan To Bury Muslim COVID-19 Victims On Islet

Colombo banned burials of Covid-19 victims in April, despite expert assurances they would not spread the virus, implementing a policy of forced cremations. This article was published by NDTV on… Read more »