Saudis teaching Ramayana And Mahabharata, a Good Step Forward

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I welcome this wholeheartedly. Indeed, it is the right thing to teach the next generation of kids to be universal, familiar with technology, and know about their fellow humans.

If we want to live in a society where people can get along with each other and focus on prosperity rather than fighting, we have to shape such a society. It starts with the correct textbooks in the schools.

Besides my parents, I owe my pluralistic disposition to my social studies book in middle school. There was the positive presentation of a page or two about every primary faith and key historical figures. You will find that in complete form at the Center for Pluralism, respecting every faith as equals.

As the bus started moving in Israel, the conductor started telling the tourists that Islam has six pillars, and Jihad was # 1, and it meant killing Jews and Christians. Of course, I corrected her and asked the passengers, and they permitted me to explain Islam. She said the ministry of tourism gives them the information to share with the tourist; how sad! The whole story is in my book American Muslim Agenda. Of course, some Palestinians also poison their children. How do you expect Israel or Palestine to have normal citizens in the future?

Then I heard a presentation about how Pakistani children are taught false things about Indians and Hinduism. Indian Gujarat schools also poison their children against Muslims. Is this the kind of society we want?

A few Muslims cannot say Happy Diwali or Merry Christians, while Modi and the RSS men cannot wish Eid greetings to their fellow citizens. It is not Modi, and it is the training. We need to re-work the school curriculum. If someone wants to take up with the United Nations to develop a worldwide curriculum, please do it.

Saudi Arabia includes Ramayan and Mahabharat in its new curriculum –

Don’t poison your kids –

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