Megyn Kelly and Harris Zafar on Gaza conflict at Fox News

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Harris, great job!

I am proud of your work, keep it up buddy, the more of us talk about sense, the more consensus we can build, truth ultimately wins. I have included a few good pieces about the issue following your article/video:

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Mike Ghouse
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 Good morning,

This week marks the completion of the holy month of Ramadan with the observance of the Islamic festival called Eid-ul-Fitr.  This marks the completion of the month of fasting by giving thanks and praying for peace, especially in light of what is happening in the Middle East right now. 
Last week, I was called to join the Fox News program “The Kelly File,” hosted by Megyn Kelly to discuss the conflict in Gaza.  In particular, they wanted me to address their view that the people of Gaza have brought this large death toll upon themselves by electing Hamas into authority.  This was in line with an op-ed that appeared in WSJ last week that argued that the people of Gaza had forfeited the right to be considered civilians in this war since they elected Hamas.
Here is the video of my interview:
My prayer continues to be that innocent lives are saved from the brutal deaths they have had to face, especially over the past few weeks. Nothing justifies the taking of an innocent life. This is a basic commandment of my faith that I cannot compromise on.

Best Regards,

Harris Zafar
National Spokesperson & Director of Youth Outreach Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA
Author of Demystifying Islam: Tackling the Tough Questions (available on Amazon)
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Here are some super good pieces

King Abdullah’s oped dated November 1947

Sanity Prayers for American Muslims and Jews

Curse of Occupation by Alon Ben-Meir

Does Israel want peace?


I was to be on Hannity on the same day, I had appointments with the State Department about the Film and I did not make it. 

Mike Ghouse

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