Is she insulting Islam?

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At this site, World Muslim you will find a response to many attacks on Islam.

My friend Dr. Rahman sent the video with the following questions, and my response is below:

Is she insulting Islam?
Is she a Muslim but unaware of the Muslim dress code?
Is it an exercise she is doing similar to Namaz?
What were the Muslims doing taking her video?

Here are my responses for you to reflect on, I am not saying it is right or wrong, but just another point of view.

Namaz is between the individual and Allah. She was in an environment where it is customary to wear the clothes she was wearing.

She is not insulting Islam; she is doing her duty – pray.

The question is about Bikini.

The purpose, the very use of Hijab, was the safety of women in that “period” when lusty men would feel the temptation to wrongdoing. Indeed, it still happens in Asian nations, when a wealthy guy eyes a woman, his men will forcibly pick that woman for him. It happens in India, my motherland, too, where the rich men shamelessly feel entitled to women, particularly the poor and the Dalits. That is why the Quran gives guidance to women, “Cover your bosom.”

Here at the pool, the lust threshold of men is very high, because they are used to the dress in that location, very few will look at her lustfully unless she has a body of Dolly Parton.

The Men from conservative societies, on the other hand, have a shallow threshold and quickly get tempted when they see the legs or cleavage of a woman, and the thoughts of wrongdoing start acting in them.

Given where she is, I don’t see any issue with it. If men see her lustfully, it is their problem; they are disobedient to the very God who tells them to lower their gaze.

The above video reminds me of a Mormon girl in Lincoln, Nebraska, who wanted to become Muslim, I kept asking her to stay with Mormonism, her birth religion. I asked her to take the time to learn more about Mormonism. She would not give up, and we continued the communication on the phone, and through email exchanges.

She learned basic Arabic phrases that Muslims utter like Insha Allah, Subhan Allah, Masha Allah, Alhamdu-Lillah, and Bismillah. She was committed to becoming a Muslim, and she had no other reason than her free will. I connected her to an Imam, as she was hell-bent on becoming a Muslim. She took the pledge “Shahadah” and sent me a picture wearing a short skirt and Hijab in the Namaste posture. I smiled but suggested her to wear the customary desi shalwar kameez if she is in the Mosque or praying. Then a few years ago, I saw another Muslim woman walking in Downtown DC, wearing Hijab and “Mini Skirt” and high heels.

Over the years, I have officiated over 15 conversions. I have made an apparent policy to encourage them to remain and study their faith, which is beautiful, no matter what that faith is. I insist that there is no need for them to become a Muslim for marriage, influence, or otherwise, it has to be free will and their own volition. Islam is about free will, and there is no compulsion in the faith. Islam is guidance to live a conflictless life and not a dogma.

Of the 80 some interfaith marriages I have officiated, three men wanted to convert, and we performed the simple conversions followed by two units of prayer (2 Rakat Nafl). Another two switched after a few years, entirely with their free will.

Islam recommends modesty to both men and women. The Quran is a book of guidance to create societies where every human feels secure about his faith, race, ethnicity, and culture. More about the essence of Islam in the book American Muslim Agenda available at Amazon, Kindle, Google, and the bookstores.

Thank you
Mike Ghouse
Author: American Muslim Agenda

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