Is Shabbir Ali A Heretic ?

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Watch it from 1:25 – 3:25 for 2 minutes. – it is a 6 minutes video. It has got 20,000 views

Do you agree with the speaker, Shabbir Ali? He is accused and called a heretic.

Some ten years ago, three of the Imams in Dallas sat with Hindus and others in interfaith meetings; one received a recognition certificate from a woman Deputy Mayor of the City of Richardson in Texas in our program, and the other two also received. We had to remove the picture of the Imam receiving the certificate from the woman.

Two of them were harassed, and one of them was chased out for being with the “Kafirs” a grossly misunderstood term. The Imams shared the extensive and exhaustive emails with pictures from my events. The Imams did not defend themselves well.

Fortunately, no one attacked me seriously, as I gave it back to them. I even had a fatwa against me telling me that my marriage with my wife would be annulled if I didn’t reverse my position of saying Peace to Buddha on my Radio show. I told them to “Go ahead and make my day,” a famous dialogue of Clint Eastwood. That was the end of it, and they did not make my day.

What should we do to stop these harassers?

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