How Can You Say It’s Not Islamic?’ Megyn Takes on Muslim Speaker Over Violence By Radical Islamists

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Mike Ghouse and Brigitte Gabriel with Megyn Kelly of Fox News
9:45 PM EST | September 26, 2014

Video 7:01 Minutes

Megyn Kelly tonight took on Muslim speaker Mike Ghouse over radical Islam in the wake of the Oklahoma beheading.

“Islam stands for peace,” CAIR said in a statement, stressing that the Oklahoma beheading “is not a representation of what our faith teaches.”

“Islam does not stand for peace. The word Islam in Arabic means submission,” Brigitte Gabriel, president of Act! for America, said on “The Kelly File,” charging CAIR with trying to deceive the public.

Ghouse, founder of World Muslim Congress, said that Islam does not teach violence, but that some Muslims do.

Gabriel refuted that, saying that beheadings are strictly Islamic and are happening across the world by radicalized Muslims who are trying to emulate the prophet Muhammad.
Kelly pressed Ghouse, asking, “How can you say it’s not Islamic […] Is it just pure coincidence?”

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My points in random order:

First of all my heart goes out the to the victims family and I pray for them.

You cannot call New Yorkers rapists because over 1000 rapes took place last year.

3 Million Americans are incarcerated while 315 Americans are law abiding citizens.  You cannot call the flaw is in American Laws or our constitution, the problem is with the individuals. 
The radicals are part of us, part of Islam and we have to deal with them for misinterpreting the religion to suit their roughness. 
Brigitte went on with her rant about Prophet Muhammad ordering murdering 700 of Banu Quraiza Jews, I had a choice to counter, or not let her derail the topic. I asked Megyn if I should address that as it is pure malignant misinformation,  instead Megan asked me to focus on her questions. As long as the public hears it and do their research to find the truth, I am fine with it.

Brigitte passes on full of misinformation, and I believe the hard core followers believe her, not matter what the facts are, but there is intelligence out there that questions that rhetoric, and finds the truth on their own. My goal is to refute it in the given 5 to 7 seconds and keep up with the theme. 

I have made policy not to go off tangent or get drawn into other arguments, and I usually stick to answer the questions. In the long run that is the right thing to do.
Thanks to Nadia Q for searching the following information
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