Ghamidi On First Amendment And Allahu Akbar in Karnataka

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Personally, I’m delighted to hear him on the issue of the hijab in the state of Karnataka, India.

He is worth listening. He is speaking the language of Pluralism. Thanks

First, he is well versed in the first Amendment. It’s what Islam is, a religion that is in sync with human nature.

Second, human rights declaration is the ultimate expression found in all religions, if we have the proclivities to learn.

Third, everyone is born free and comes with certain inalienable rights, among them are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Fourth, Muslims should not make it a religious issue, it’s a personal liberty issue and pursued as such.

Fifth, Im glad my views have been expressed in a similar manner in the last several postings on this specific subject. Ghamidi Saheb and I have similar views on most issues.

Lastly, I reiterate the slogan adopted by our think tank, the World Muslim Congress, “If it is not common sense, then it is not Islam.”

Ghamidi video-

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