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Government should be of the people by the people and for the people of the Egypt. Typically the majority opinion works, however, it does not mean “crush the dissenters” if they are forced to shut up, they will simply lie low and erupt one day. The core value of Islam – no compulsion can be applied anywhere for sustainable policies.  Oppression of minorities, women and the weak is not sustainable in the long haul.

The world honored the legitimacy of duly elected Morsi Government, even though many did not agree with the Brotherhood’s extremism. They can practice whatever they want, but they have no right to impose their beliefs on others.

President Morsi literally trashed the will of the people by making himself above law, the Egyptians gave him time, then they demonstrated and demanded a re-election that would have established legitimacy or rejection of Morsi – Obama asked him to consider it. Morsi refused and now this mess.

There is not a single Muslim soul who wants Egypt go through this turmoil, we all want the best for Egypt, but have different opinions and logistic and we have to factor in different opinions.

Its time for Morsi to call on his supporters to renounce violence, but continue with peaceful demonstration, and it is time for the Army to respect fellow Egyptians who disagree with them. Bashing the MB is bad for Egypt in the long haul – they have a right to their set of beliefs. Democracy needs to evolve and unfortunate sacrifices will be made as a part of the growth.

At least 211 killed in Egypt clashes

The CNN reporter was saying that Pro-Morsi demonstrators are refusing to go back home – why should they? If they believe that Morsi was democratically elected but unjustly sacked, they have every right to protest.That is their birthright to protest, however if they are violent, then they need to be brought under control, but not be killed or crushed.
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A look at turmoil in Egypt since the 2011 revolution
Good history of two years, the reporter said, 70% voted Morsi in… I need to check that out. Crack down on protestors is not acceptable.

…………………………. ……………………….Egyptian ambassador to the U.S. on his country’s unrest

Mohamed Tawfik, Egyptian Ambassador claims that Morsi supporters (wolfe blitzer says Brother hood got 52%) killed 43 police officers, 7 churches were burned .. mass graves.  Need independent verification. This Ambassador is a good spokesperson.

Peter – Hannity has been wrong on this one and he admitted to it. He is on the right side of the issues, where as I am a moderate, we don’t agree most of the times. I gave full credit to the people and had said they will take back their power

On the CBS Local TV, I have deplored the burning of Churches and harassment of Coptic Christian, but also appreciate Sisi’s offer to rebuild them.. . . . .

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