Egypt, Morsi and Brotherhood on Fox Hannity with MIke Ghouse

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Tonight on Hannity show, Mike Ghouse about Brotherhood

Talking points

1.    Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi declares himself above the law, neither the Judiciary nor the parliament can question his authority
2.    This is a dangerous situation, the wolf in sheep’s clothing unravels himself, this is where Sean Hannity and I see things differently

a.    Sean is right in his concerns about the brotherhood’s takeover of Egypt.

b.    I believe in the power of people, the people who dared the tyrant Mubarak and got the freedom will not allow another tyrants to take over. It will take time for democracy to take root in Egypt.
3.    The Judiciary has declared it illegal and has challenged Morsi. Morsi is downright stupid.

4.    The protestors are out again, nearly 200 are wounded, but they will not let Morsi, the wolf in sheep’s clothing crush their hard earned freedom.
When the Egyptians got the freedom in January of this year, they wanted democracy and not another tyrant.
5.    The Military establishment was not happy that their candidate did not make it, and the internal strife between Morsi and the establishment is on… Morsi tried to fire Mahmud, the military man. Who knows there is a pattern out there in Muslim run nations like Pakistan where the Military takes it over…?

However, I believe in the power of freedom movement, once it is started, it cannot be stopped. People will get their freedom and democracy one way of the other

6.    Gaza Truce – I hope it stays, it was good to see a religious cleric in Suleman AlDaya, Gaza gave a fatwa that it is a sin to break the truce…and I hope it multiplies, if I were the US Ambassador, I would seek more of those opinions and have discussions on it to firm up respecting the truce. If the Ambassador cannot do this, what is he or she doing there?

7.    The Hamas spokesperson Taher Nunu  said he is committed to the truce

8.    Hamas demands that Israel lift the restrictions of movement of goods and people. Israel currently has restrictions; Gaza is like a high security prison…. They cannot even get the constructions and medical supplies… and those who want to supply them, like the civilian boats, have been hit by Israel. Has anyone thought of the cause of the frustrations of Gazans? Didn’t George Washington Rebel against the tyrant Brits then?

9.    Though Obama has been successful in diplomacy, he is a dismal failure in bringing peace to Israel and Palestine. He has made many mistakes that I have listed on the blog

10.Israel needs security and Palestinians justice, nothing short of it will work. Hamas needs to reign in on those rockets and Israel needs to lift the restrictions around Gaza and stop the illegal settlements in west bank.

11.Israel is our ally, and we have every right to guide them to peace. Netanyahu will make the bloodthirsty among us feel good, but not the peace makers.  It is a shame on the leadership for their failure to bring solutions to this issue. No one can crush the will of the people to be free.

|Netanyahu will cause more damage to the peace process and generate resentment towards Israel in the community of nations by disregarding the UN resolutions and practicing discriminatory practices against a people. It is in Israel’s interest to work, and our right wing friends are blinded not to see that.

Mike Ghouse is a speaker,thinker and a writeron pluralism, politics, peace making, foreign policy, Islam, Israel, India, Pakistan, interfaith, and cohesion at work place or social settings. He is committed to building a Cohesive America and offers pluralistic solutions on issues of the day at Mike has a strong presence on national local TV, Radio and Print Media, and is a frequent guest on Sean Hannity showon Fox TV, and a commentator on national radio networks, he contributes weekly to the Texas Faith Column at Dallas Morning News, fortnightly at Huffington post, and several other periodicals across the world. His personal site www.MikeGhouse.netindexes everything you want to know about him.

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