Dr. Basheer Ahmed, recognition Mubarak

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Dr. Basheer Ahmed, recognition Mubarak, we salute you for the exemplary work you have done.

I am pleased to share this exciting information about Muslim Heroes.  

Indeed, we do thirst for leaders who would take the initiatives and become a catalyst in bringing about a positive change for the entire community. It brings a sense of security knowing the work done by these men and women restores pride, fulfillment and a sense of bringing stability to the community and nation, and sail through turbulence with confidence that the good we do will ultimately bring goodness to the entire Umma; the American community at large.

The one thing that is appreciated by every American is service to humanity, regardless of whom they are, people appreciate the service. The world is a better place today because we take care of our neighbors, through this; all of us are ultimately cared for. It is indeed sad, that there still some out there who need help, and we all need to do the best we can.

Look at the role of Red Cross during the Sandy havoc, even the president pitched in to ask people to send in the donations. There are several Muslim organizations that have taken up the responsibility including Islamic Relief, Aga Khan Foundation and several others represented by different hues of Islam.

 Indeed, there are great examples of community building through services such as Catholic Charities, Jewish Hospitals and others, to serve and as a product receive respect. Muslims are working on it, and have succeeded in many places; they have embarked on providing health and human services to the indigents who have no insurance. We have several such organizations and one among them is Muslim Community Center for Human Services.

Everything in life starts with a dream, usually by one person, and that dream becomes a reality by persistent pursuit of serving others. These men and women simply won’t give up, their commitment to serve is to be lauded.  One such man amidst us is Dr. Basheer Ahmed. Way back in 1994, I remember Dr. Ahmed’s struggle in establishing this center; we had appreciated and recognized his efforts at the Thanksgiving Dinner celebrations and awards night in 1994.

Now this man, Dr. Ahmed is putting the Muslim services on the National Map. The Muslim Community for Human services is appreciated and recognized by the Alliance for Healthcare, as Health Care heroes, the award will be presented to Dr. Basheer Ahmed in a Dinner in Dallas.

Please visit www.mcc-hs.org/ and donate generously.

Alliance for Healthcare 
w w w. health care – excellence .0rg 11 th Annual
Healthcare-Heroes Awards & Dinner
It is our pleasure as the Board of Directors of the Alliance for Healthcare Excellence to notify you of your nomination and the winning of a Healthcare Heroes Award for 2012. We will celebrate you and your Award at the Healthcare Heroes Award Dinner on November 8, 2012. The Winner of the 2012 .Healthcare Affordability Hero of the Year Award: 

Muslim Community Center for Human Services, presented to 
M Basheer Ahmed .MD
Brookhaven Country Club
3333 Golfing green Drive
Farmers Branch, 
5:30pm – 7:00pm Cash Bar and Hors d’oeuvres
– 9:30pm Dinner and Award Program 

Dr. Basheer Ahmed, we salute you!

Mike Ghouse
America Together Foundation
Foundation for Pluralism
World Muslim Congress

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