Denouncing ISIS from every Islamic Point of View

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Way back in August, I wrote, if there was a Global Muslim organization that processes the application for Membership of Muslim organizations, the application from ISIS will be rejected outright, like the Drug Cartels would face applying for membership in a Church or a Synagogue associations.Now, I am pleased to present another article by Mohammad Yunus with more technical reasons to reject them.



Mike Ghouse
World Muslim Congress – for Muslims of all hues. 
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By Mohammad Yunus

 We the Moderate Muslims and/or mainstream Muslims of the world, who believe in the brotherhood of mankind, promoters of peace, coexistence with people of all faiths, do hereby, call upon you to immediately give up your unholy, unlawful and ill-conceived ambition to found an Islamic caliphate by rampaging through villages, towns and cities, brutally murdering people and forcing the non-Muslims to convert to Islam at gun point. 

We have been watching in absolute horror your cohorts and front-line soldiers occupying lands by forcing their inhabitants to flee to save their lives and waving the flag of Islam with one hand and AK-47 with the other. We are compelled to say that you are committing the most inhuman and diabolic crime of beheading innocent journalists and posting this barbaric act on the Internet to terrorize the world.
Witnessing with agonizing observation of your heinous crimes in the name of Islam, we have now decided to charge you of openly defying Islam’s express prohibition of terrorism, freedom of religion and its emphasis on justice, patience, peace, reconciliation, pluralism and other humanistic trajectories as illustrated below: 

1. Regardless of ground, killing of an innocent person is declared haram or forbidden in three of the Qur’anic verses (6:151, 17:33, 25:68), and as grave a sin as killing entire humanity (5:32).

“Say, Come! I will tell you what your Lord has really forbidden you! Do not associate anything with Him; be good to your parents; and do not kill your children for fear of poverty – We shall provide sustenance for you as well as for them – refrain from committing indecent deeds, whether openly or in secret; and do not kill the life which God has made sacred, save by right. That is what He has enjoined upon you, so that you may understand.”

Surah: Al-An’am (The Cattle) – Chapter: 6 – Verse: 151

2. The Friday Congregation prayer is normally preceded by the recitation of the verse 16:90 which commands justice (‘adl), goodness, generosity and forbids the abominable, the evil, and terrorism.

“God commands justice, kindness and giving their (due to) near relatives, and He forbids all shameful deeds, and injustice and transgression. He admonishes you so that you make take heed!”

Surah: Al-Nahl (Bees) – Chapter: 16 – Verse: 90

3. The Qur’an commands complete neutrality in justice whether it concerns “yourselves, or (your) parents or relatives, or the poor” (4:135) and “even those whom you may hate” (5:8).

“Believers, be steadfast in the cause of God and bear witness with justice. Do not let your enmity for others turn you away from justice. Deal justly; that is nearer to being God-fearing. Fear God. God is aware of all that you do.”

Surah: Al-Ma’ida (The Table) – Chapter: 5 – Verse: 8

4. The Qur’an commands kindness to all mankind regardless of color, race, religion, nationality or any other distinction (4:36).

5. The Qur’an does not furnish any example of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) or any of his followers coercing any single person to embrace Islam during the entire 23 year span of the revelation.

6. The Qur’an testifies that the pagan wives of men who had converted to Islam were allowed to leave their husbands and join the community of pagans without facing any social pressure or coercion to embrace the faith of their husbands (60:11).

7. Through the 12 year span of Meccan period (610-622), when the Muslims were “‘just a few in number, weak and helpless in the land, and were afraid that their enemies might oppress and kidnap them’ (8:26), they were commanded to endure suffering patiently (2:153)

8. The first eight years of the Medinite period (622-629), the Muslims fought against attacking armies (Badr and Uhud battles, Trench war – 624, 625, 627) or entered into peace treaty with their hostile tribes (Treaty of Hudaibiyyah, 628), and with the Jews of Khaybar (629).

9. Two of the Jewish tribes of Medina who had actively conspired with the hypocrites were exiled without any persecution or torture while some of the members of a third Jewish tribe were executed and expelled from Medina, but these actions were of purely political nature and lenient in historical relativism as the prevalent Mosaic Law prescribed massacre of the entire community for high treason they committed.

10. Mecca was integrated (630) without striking a blow. God withheld the hands of the Meccans from the Muslims and the hands of the Muslims from the Meccans (48:24) and God imposed on the Muslims the Word of restraint (taqawa), as they were entitled to it and worthy of it (48:26).

11. The Qur’an is explicit that God alone will judge all humanity including the polytheists, the Sabians and the Magians (22:17) on the Day of Judgment and expressly forbids any compulsion in religion (2:256, 10:99, 50:45, 88:22).

“God will judge between the believers, the Jews, the Sabaeans, the Christians, the Magians and the polytheists on the Day of Judgement. Surely God is witness to everything.”

Surah: Al-Hajj (The Pilgrimage) – Chapter: 22 – Verse: 17

12. The Qur’an incorporates a mercy clause “But whoever (forgives as a gesture of) charity, this is the expiation for him” (5:45) after pronouncing like for like punishment (“a life for a life, an eye for an eye, a nose for a nose, an ear for an ear, a tooth for a tooth, and wounds like for like”).

13. The Qur’an brought the pre-Islamic custom of blood vendetta to an end by introducing a law of compensation for loss of life which has this mercy-cum-forgiveness clause: “But if any from the family (of the deceased) pardon him (one who caused the death), then he should follow this up with something appropriate (as compensation), and execute (the same) in a good gesture. This is a Concession and Mercy from your Lord.”

14. The Qur’an warns those who oppress innocent civilians and wreak terror (yabghyuna) on earth of severe punishment (42:42).

“Blame falls only on those who wrong men and transgress on this earth without justification – such will have a painful punishment.”

Surah: Al-Shura (Mutual Consultation) Chapter: 42 – Verse: 42

15. The Qur’an warns humanity against his restlessness (in pursuit of glory and gain) but approves of those “who believe and do good deeds, and exhort to truth, and exhort to patience” (103:3).

“I swear by the passage of time, that man is surely in a state of loss, except for those who believe and do good deeds and exhort one another to hold fast to the Truth, and who exhort one another to stead-fastness.”

Surah: Al-Asr (The Passage of Time) – Chapter: 103 – Verse: 1 – 3

16. The Qur’an forbids usurping other’s properties; such as by is driving others out of their homes (2:188).

“Do not consume one another’s property by unjust means, nor offer it as a bribe to the authorities, so that you may deliberately and wrongfully devour a part of other people’s wealth.

Surah: Al-Baqara (The Heifer) – Chapter: 2 – Verse: 188

17. The Qur’an grants peace and security at home without being disturbed by any intruder (24:61).

18. The Qur’an espouses rule of law by way of legal hearing and does not admit of any arbitrary punishment (7:159, 7:181).

19. The Qur’an calls for safe asylum of civilians caught in war (9:6).

“If any one of the polytheists seeks asylum with you, grant him asylum sothat he may hear the word of God; then convey him to a place of safety. That is because they are a people who have no knowledge.”

Surah: Al-Tawbah (Repentance) – Chapter: 9 – Verse: 6

20. God does not love those who rampage through the land destroying sources of life and human generations (2:205).

“There are some men whose views on the affairs of this life may please you. They even call on God to witness whatever is in their heart, yet they are the most contentious of quarellers. When he turns away, he sets out to spread corruption in the land, destroying crops and cattle. God does not love corruption.”

Surah: Al-Baqara (The Heifer) – Chapter: 2 – Verse: 204-205

21. God does not love those who cause disorder (fassad) on earth (2:205, 28:78).

22. As the revelation was coming to a close after a transitional period of intense struggle and hostility, the Qur’an acknowledges the Christians and Jews as people of faith (5:44-47).

“We revealed the Torah, in which there is a guidance and light. By it the prophets who were obedient to Us judged the Jews, and so did the rabbis and the priests, according to God’s book which had been entrusted to their care; and to which they were witnesses. Have no fear of man. fear Me, and do not sell My revelations far a paltry sum. Those who do not judge by what God has sent down are deniers of truth.”

Surah: Al-Ma’ida (The Table) – Chapter: 5 – Verse: 44

“We caused Jesus, son of Mary to follow in their footsteps, fulfilling what had been revealed before him in the Torah. We gave him the Gospel, which contained guidance and light, fulfulling what was revealed before it in the Torah: a guide and an admonition to the God fearing.”

Surah: Al-Ma’ida (The Table) – Chapter: 5 – Verse: 46

23. In its closing phase, the Qur’an puts all humanity on a level religious plane (5:48, 49:13) by subjecting them all the common command to vie with each other in goodness (5:48) and cultivate moral excellence (taqwa, 49:13) – which it also identifies as the twin divine criteria of Judgment (2:62, 4:124, 5:69, 22:17, 64:9, 65:11).

“To everyone of you We have ordained a law and a way, and had God so willed, He would have made you all a single community, but He did not so will, in order that He might try you by what He has given you. Vie, then, with one another in doing good works; to God you shall all return; then He will make clear to you about what you have been disputing.”

Surah: Al-Ma’ida (The Table) – Chapter: 5 – Verse: 48

“Mankind! We have created you from a male and female, and made you into peoples and tribes so that you might come to know each other. The noblest of you in God’s sight is the one who fears God most. God is all knowing and all aware.”

Surah: Al-Hujurat (The Apartments) – Chapter: 49 – Verse: 13

24. The Qur’an’s expansive spiritual umbrella as a universal din (belief system) for all monotheists negates the notion of a global Islamic state or khilafah uniting only the Muslims of the World as one political body to the exclusion of the others.

25. The Qur’an’s complete silence about the political, civil, financial, or military administration that goes with a state indicates that it left statecraft to evolve with the progress of civilization. Hence, in the context of present day globalized society, the notion of khilafah or a Pan-Islamic state is antithetic to the Qur’anic message.


Now we revert to our charges against you.

Your terrorist activities, barbaric and arbitrary ways, and pan-Islamic political ambitions explicitly or implicitly conflict with each of the above twenty-five listed trajectories of the Qur’an, that among other things, distinguish the Qur’an as by far the most benevolent social discourse in human history. Thus, they are tailored transmute the character of Islam from a religion of peace and enlightenment to a cult of terror and ignorance (jahilliyah) – a grand conspiracy to take Islam back to the pre-Islamic era that is bound to fail as history’s clock cannot be set fourteen centuries backwards. 

Since you claim to be waging a jihad in God’s way, your willful defiance of the Qur’an’s humanistic trajectories renders you a hypocrite of the highest order – perhaps more intense than even those of the Prophet’s era. Therefore, based on the Qur’anic castigation of the hypocrites of its era, you and your ideologues stand liars (9:42, 9:107, 58:18, 63:1), deviants (fasiqun) (9:96, 9:67), intense in kufr and hypocrisy (9:97, 9:101), the comrades of Shaytan (58:19), the most despised among the Prophet’s followers (58:20), divinely cursed (9:68, 33:73) and relegated to the lowest depths of the hellfire (4:145) – God alone knows what fate awaits you in His court.

Furthermore, in our view your campaign of terror, your targeting of the Christians and Yazidis who were living side by side with Muslims for fourteen centuries, your killing of fellow Muslims, beheading of journalists and posting of this barbaric act on the Internet and other crimes including kidnapping, loot and arson constitute a “war against God and the Prophet,” the perpetrators of which were historically ‘slain or crucified or had their hands and feet amputated from opposite sides, or expelled from the land” (5:33). In other words, from the Qur’anic perspective, what you and your allies are doing is a ‘manifestly immoral’ act, as obvious as murder before the eyes of the next of kin or public, a daylight robbery, deliberate ramming of car on little children waiting for school bus, pushing a guy from the roof of a high-rise building for fun – to give some simple examples. 

We, therefore, unanimously declare you as inveterate criminal and most despicable like the Kharijites of early Islam – the first breakaway sect in Islam that justified killing of all non-Muslims as well as the Muslim who opposed them including their own parents and caused “rivers of blood to flow in the first three centuries of Islam.” We most strongly and unreservedly condemn you and warn you that unless you give up terror and seek peace, you are set to be destroyed as you have crossed the limits set by God and His Prophet (58:20) and waged a war against God and His Prophet by perpetrating heinous crimes against humanity (5:33).

All in all, we have given serious thought to the contents of the letter and are responsible for any breach of divine trust (amanah) or intellectual dishonesty in the framing of this letter, which we are impelled to issue as witness to the Qur’anic message (2:143).

May God guide you to His ways and lead you to peace and surrender.

Submitted by: “Morally Conscious and God Fearing Muslims” all over the world.

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