Attacks on worship places of non-Muslims ‘un-Islamic’

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Here is a great example of the the Muslims religious organizations doing the right thing.

The men from Tahrik-e-Taliban said attacking the Church in Peshawar was in compliance with Sharia (, this needs to be challenged – where is it in Sharia?  Unfortunately, they may have books labeled as Sharia in their hands, and they believe what is written in those books is authentic because it’s got Arabic words in it. 

The Sharia proponents have a responsibility to write the correct books and replace them with the wrong ones that Masajids and Madrasa’s stock.  There are many who believe the real intent of Sharia was to serve justice, since the practicing Sharia does not serve justice, let’s go with the alternate laws in a given democracy, which serves justice. More at

Its tempting to open a full time fatwa factory, and bombard the messages of goodness, so much so that it becomes the norm, and in the common knowledge of every Muslim man and woman.

Mike Ghouse

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Attacks on worship places of non-Muslims ‘un-Islamic’

The Dar-ul-Afta [fatwa council] of Pakistan Ulema Council (PUC) has declared attacks on worship places of non-Muslims un-Islamic.

“In light of the teachings of the Holy Quran and Holy Prophet Muhammad [PBUH], Islamic Sharia ordains complete protection of the lives, properties, dignity and honour of non-Muslims living in Islamic countries,” PUC Chairman Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi told reporters.

He added Islam is a religion of peace and harmony. “The Holy Quran has clearly forbidden Muslims from cursing false gods. Holy Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] signed various agreements with Jews and Christians in which he guaranteed the protection of their rights until the end of time. Therefore, it is the responsibility of Muslims to protect the lives, properties, honour and dignity of non-Muslims living in Pakistan or any other Islamic country.”

Ashrafi said that the Taliban’s denial of involvement in the attack on the Peshawar church was a right move; however, it was wrong to justify attacks on worship places of non-Muslims. He said that the great scholars of the Islamic world had issued many fatwas on this matter and these fatwas were endorsed by the PUC, Sheikh Al-Azhar of Jamia Al-Azhar and Majma Al-Fiqh Al-Islami.

Responding to a question, Ashrafi said that although the doors of negotiations were opening, there are fears that these doors could be closed as a result of some statements that are being issued. He said that Pakistan was in need of peace and for this purpose the government should bolster ties with tribal elders and tribal clerics.

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