A Cohesive India?

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The picture below depicts India before Modi – two kids, a Muslim and a Hindu, are playful and pumping water for each other. Such was my beautiful India, no one was afraid of the other, and everyone felt relatively secure about his/her faith, culture, language, clothes, and other uniqueness.

Since Modi came to power, even children are taught to hate fellow Indians who are Muslims and Christians. I will be sharing the poisonous videos in the coming days. Indeed, you will see some hateful responses to this post right here.

India is going through the most challenging times now; women are not safe to travel in India, nor are the Christians and Muslims. The Dalits have been harassed, molested, Raped, maimed, and killed for over a Millenium; what a shame it is. However, lynching and harassment of Muslims, including harassment of college-going Muslim girls, preventing them from living their life has increased 20 fold since Modi came to power. Even the calls for genocides are growing by the day. Modi has silently encouraged pitting the extremist Hindus against Christians and Muslims. Modi is a sorry figure, totally brainwashed by India’s version of ISIS known as RSS.

The major global corporations may pull out of India for political instability. The foreign direct investments may dry up, causing a considerable employment crisis. Unemployment is already at a 45-year high. The losers will be the millions of Indians working in the IT Sector. All that they had gained before Modi will be lost. It is in their interest to speak up.

India is a great nation and will remain one, despite the tyrannic rule of Indira and Modi and we may see a few more, but as we say the truth triumphs.

I believe Goodness will return to India; most Indians are reasonable people and will not let hatred rule them forever. No one will be there forever. I hope Mr. Modi realizes and sheds his hate and creates an environment of harmony among Indians.

God bless India

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