Understanding Buddhism

UNDERSTANDING RELIGIONLearning the wisdom of every faith. FOR IMMEDIATE PRESS RELEASEContact: Mike GhouseCell: 214-325-1916Office: 972-919-4466Email: Mike@FoundationforPluralism.comWebsite: www.FoundationforPluralism.comFoundation for Pluralism The Foundation for Pluralism and the World Muslim Congress has launched… Read more »

Moderates stepping up

Moderates stepping upMike Ghouse, April 7, 2007 Please give a thoughtful reading to the below posted column about Dr. Abdur Rahman Wahid, former President of Indonesia on Islam and it’s… Read more »

Islam a Single body? Pamela

On Faith – Islam a Single body? Pamela Taylor http://newsweek.washingtonpost.com/onfaith/pamela_k_taylor/2007/03/double_standards_misinformatio.htmlThe American media is falling down on the job when it comes to reporting on Muslim communities both here in North… Read more »

Apostasy – Dr. Jamal Badawi

With reference to the request to endorsement on the issue of Apostasy,here is another well documented article from Dr. Jamal Badawi. Mike Ghouse http://www.islamonline.net/English/contemporary/2006/04/article02.shtml Is Apostasy a Capital Crime in… Read more »